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  1. I just had my first practice and let me tell you, I didnt have hardly enough time to squeeze in everything I wanted to. Actually I only got to half of what I intended to. I only had about 40 good minutes of practice between kids arriving and water breaks (it was hot!). I only covered movement drills, flag pulling and a few handoff/snap drills. It seemed like we didnt get anything done, but after practice the parents seemed very pleased. I think we are going to have a lot of talent between the 6 7 and 8 year olds I got so it should not be too much of a problem to get everyone playing everyposition. All 11 kids showed up, i was surprised.
  2. That was/is the number one challenge for me, staying competitive, but somehow keeping this whole thing in perspective (keeping it fun for the kids). Some would argue that winning is a big part of the fun and they're right. However, if you find that Jimmy has touched the ball 5 times and Joe only once, therein lies the problem. The league I play in keeps track of all the standings with the option of tracking each players stats online for all to see. Personally, I'd stay away from the stats/standings at this age as much as possible. I think there's a time for more serious competition, just not sure when that is. Might start another thread on the boards to ask that question. I hate that the "grown-ups" get so competitive at this age. In our league we "dont keep score" BUT, scores are posting on the web with standings and the option of playoffs and a State Tournament. WHAT!?! Either say we're going to keep score or dont, but anyways. I just had my draft and I think I got a pretty good group of 6 7 and 8 year olds. Will start my first practice on Thursday of this week and will let you know how it goes. My practice plan is to keep moving between drills and "stations". I am going to start off with some sprints, to see who on the team is going to be the speed, then move to backpedals and then shuffles to get the kids used to moving in every direction. Then I am going to slow it down a bit and run some relays incorporating snaps then handoffs then pitches. Then I plan on flag pulling drills and pursuit angle drills. After all that I am going to work out the throwing QB's of the group by having everyone throw the ball in various stances (kneeling standing running). If we have time then we'll run some plays and scrimmage. This was not as important to me being the first practice. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. My age group is 8 and under as of Sept. 1 Rushing rules are anyone can rush at anytime as long as they are lined up onsides before snap and not in neutral zone. I do plan on concentrating on the basics and maybe just throw the motion in midgame with one of my kids who really knows whats going on. I plan on putting my main emphasis on defense. Flag pulling drills have been abundant and I appreciate that. One flag pulling drill I plan on using is the pick a cone drill we used in tackle football. You have a defender v. a RB. The running back has 5 cones to choose to go between and the defender (who is lined up behind the cones)must pick him off before he can "score" between the cones. --------------------------------Defender cone---------------cone--------------cone-------------cone-------------cone -------------^-----------------^-------------------^---------------^ --------------------------------------RB
  4. My only problem with having something with an offbalance is that the defense in my league can blitz all their guys all the time at the time the ball is snapped.
  5. I plan on incorporating some plays with a shifting set and/or motion because I think it will be fun for the kids. Any thoughts or ideas why/how I should or why I shouldn't?
  6. I actually started coaching my son because he wasn't getting the pt he deserved but neither were alot of the other kids. The coach at the time only went to his son. Now my wife asks me "why don't you only go to your son, hes the best on the team." The reason I started coaching is so everyone could play because at his level(U8) thats what it is all about. Having fun and getting in the game.
  7. Ive been reading these post for a while and finally decided to jump in the action so Im a first poster. I will be coaching my son's U8 team this fall. We are playing 8 on 8 with 80 yard fields and set zones for first downs. We have 2 officials on the field at all times. Our QB's are not allowed under center and are supposed to be at least 5 yards deep in the gun. We are allowed shifting and motion. My biggest concern is getting all the kids having fun, and I know one key to that is letting everykid at least try the positions they want to play(qb,rb,wr). My philosophy is "your moms and dads payed a lot of money for you to get to have fun and get a chance at some touches". I think this will be much harder with 8 kids on the field at all times, but I will try my best to not get caught up in just trying to win games. This will be hard because the winningest team gets to pickup one of the best kids from a team and play in the state tourney. I appreciate all the comments on the board so far. I think some of the plays and drills will come in handy. Thanks to Coach Rob and Orange for all the valuable tips. I would love to see some of your play books if you still have them.
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