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    Flag Football coach for 10U. 5 seasons coaching. Love it, but really brings out the gray in my hair :)
  1. When coaching my 6-8 year olds, I realized that many of them would be in place to make a flag grab, but the flag would seem to slip right through their hands. I attributed this to their lack of hand-eye coordination, due to their young age. Concentrate on drills at practice that not only teach them to swarm, but give them the repetitions of actually grabbing the flag. Put them all in a 10 by 10 square and make one of the them the only flag puller, while everyone else runs around juking/spinning etc. Make it a competition by seeing how many flags each person can pull in 60 seconds. There are other some other specific exercises that can be done to specifically hand-eye coordination without the flags. Not that I required the whole team to do this, but I had my son practice grabbing racquetballs in several different fashions, and I swear that his flag grabbing improved immensely. And of course, you could always put your kids in a fenced in yard and have them chase chickens (cue the Rocky Theme) hehe.
  2. Hey, I'm looking to find a free website that will allow parents from my team to add videos and photos for the rest of the team to look at. Can't seem to find the right website, but it has to be something where it is private (only by invite), and members can add their media to the shared account. Tried doing this with Facebook, but I can't add very long videos and some team members don't have Facebook accounts. Anyone else using a website like this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Excellent advice. If my center is not going out for a pass, I have him stand in the way of the blitzer or force the blitzer (assuming there is only one) to one side, and tell the QB to roll out to the opposite side if he needs to. Also, depending on the defensive formation, you can exploit the side where the blitzer is coming from. In my 7-8 year old league, they typically play a 3-2 zone, with 2 safeties. If using a Spilt T formation, try having both WR's do fly's, and have your running back run to flats of the side that you think the blitz is coming from. The defensive end on that side can't cover both the fly and the screen to the HB.
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