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  1. Just wondering if any of you coaches organize your Play Call sheet to have your plays organized by certain defensive formations, i.e. 2-1-2, 2-3, 1-1-3, etc? Games begin in about a week and I am trying to put this all together but one thing I would like to get better at, is immediately dialing up the right play for the right formation. Looking for tips for the best impact? I used this method in my first year of coaching ( last year) with decent results, but didn't seem to be organized: each player was a code word ( state, character, etc) If i called a play and the got into their formation but I saw the Defense go into a 2-1-2 with the middle most likely to blitz, I would call out that player ( code word) followed by a number which correspond to the Route tree ( each player has memorized before the season). So outside receiver in the original play i called was doing a fly route but then i see the middle is going to be wide open I call out that player and send them on a DRAG since no one is going to be there. I can continue to do that but just curios to see what everyone else's strategies are?
  2. Thanks for those replies. As part of your situational script, do you use a coaches call sheet? So all those situations you described ( crowded middle, cb pressing your spread wr, short distance for midfield or goaline, 3rd and forever, zone cover 3 vs 2, hybrids with many in zone plus man up on your burner rb or receiver)? Just trying to figure out if I should plan like that and if having a call sheet really helps? Thanks
  3. Great Playbook, very much thinking about incorporating your plays into my playbook! Love the simplicity to it considering I only have a few more practices before season starts. A few questions: When you start from no huddle do you call for Spread to begin with, watch to see how defense sets and then call your play ( i.e. 2-1-2 with CB following WR ) when you call your razor or laser? Do you look to see if the blitzer reveals which lane they are coming from before you decide whether you are going Razor or Laser? We have a QB with a massive cannon but is very heavy on his feet. We have 2 burners and 3 average to slow rest of the team. With a QB with a massive arm would you change any of your play calling? I noticed there is no Play Action in any of your 4 running plays? Do you ever incorporate that after running , say Lazer 2x in a row and watching the defense start to move in? Are you using hand signals to audible since everyone is on the ball each play? I am not sure from the I9 Rules since we are in YMCA , but we have option to go for 2 points from 10 yard line ( run / pass) or 1 point from 5 ( pass only) . How do you think about those conversions and are you usually running your "Y Shovel"? What is your alternative to that should the defense finally figure that play out? How often will you run your FLOOD play? With a strong arm qb, i could see that being a play to run over and over again until they start to gamble on defense by cheating a safety ? Then you can come back with a Sour or a St. Louis with a straight shot to the goal line.
  4. Hi Guys, 2nd year coach 9 and 10 year olds. I have been using a combination of several of your playbooks for the last couple years but really wanted to pick your brains on calling plays. Several coaches ( like Orange) have multiple options of the same plays and I am just wondering when you start the game and set the tone, are you staying in the same formation for a bit. Are you running a few times to set up the pass? Passing to start to set up the run? When is the time to throw in a reverse? Do you call your fake reverse immediately after your reverse or do you wait a couple series to run that play again? Do any of you set your playbooks up to run the next play in numerical order or do let the defensive formation dictate your play selection? Just would like to be a bit more organized this year and know exactly what I want to run. Would love to hear some of your guys thoughts on this. Thanks, Gregg
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