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  1. Having a dominant post player can really add value to your team. Unfortunately though unless you are really lucky you are most likely going to have to spend time developing your post players because there game lacks in different areas. Here is a really good coaching post play article written by Liberty University assistant Men's Basketball Coach Jason Eaker. Coaching Post Play
  2. Looking for some great basketball coaching blogs? Basketball HQ has compiled a list of some of the best basketball coaching blogs out there today. Checkout the article and starting learning from other great coaches today. Best Basketball Coaching Blogs Also if you are looking for a couple of plays to add to your playbook checkout our hundreds of free basketball plays. Free Basketball Plays
  3. What does it take to be a great ball handler? It takes a lot of hard work but it also takes knowing what to do and having the right tools. Here are a few tips and drills from BasketballHQ.com to help you become a better ball handler. Tips Always practice dribbling with your eyes up. Find drills that continue to challenge you as a player. Don't repeat an easy drill everyday. Push yourself and don't be affraid to mess up. If you aren't loosing the basketball during a drill then you aren't challenging yourself enough. Use a change of speed when dribbling. If you only go at one speed the whole time you are easy to guard. Drills ​Low Dribble Drill Ball Pound Dribbling Drill Windshield Wipers Dribbling Drill Broken Windshield Wipers 2 Basketball Dribbling Drill
  4. Want to become a better shooter? That is a silly question because obviously everyone wants to be able to shoot better. So the real question is are you willing to do what it takes to become a better shooter? Here are a few tips and instructional videos to help you become a better shooter. For more shooting drills and videos checkout BasketballHQ.com. Shooting Tips Be down ready to shoot the basketball so that when you catch it you can go right up with it. Step into your shot and get your body moving towards the basket. Make sure that you are squared up to the basket. Hold your follow through and land straight up and down, don't kick your leg out. Have confidence in your shot and only shoot good shots if you can. Shooting Video Links How to Shoot a Basketball Ray Allen Curl Cut Drill Ray Allen Straight Cut Drill Ray Allen Fade Cut Drill Hope this helps and feel free to comment below with any questions!
  5. BasketballHQ.com is a resource for coaches, players, and parents. It offers hundreds of free basketball drills, workouts, and plays all in video format. The goal is to provide people with the tools that they need to succeed. This post is going to give a weekly update to what is going on at Basketball HQ. Feel free to check it out today and post a comment below on what you think.
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