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  1. Andy, have you had any experience with flag players transitioning to full contact football?
  2. You have some good ideas...I would keep it simple.
  3. Great drill, thanks for sharing!
  4. Absolutely agree.
  5. With that many kids and >80% of them only playing offense for a half, I would keep the same formation you described above and teach some motion to the FB to get the sets you described above. Great work!
  6. Love it. You're going to do great, especially with the enthusiasm you already have now. One question that would help answer some of your concerns about formations and not wanting to complicate things for the kids...how many kids are on your team? Just trying to get a feel for the number of subs, etc.
  7. Thanks, I had never heard about keeping the plant leg parallel, obviously that would help control the direction of the pass...great tip...thanks for sharing!
  8. Cool idea, great drill. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks for the information!
  10. I would find a way to get your best athlete (as you described above) some sweeps and some dives, if that means moving him from FB to HB, so be it. Sounds like you've got a good dilemma on your hands. Good luck!
  11. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Thanks a bunch Coach Rob. Totally agree with the rant, but it's the reality of the league we have. Yes, the QB can run, but only once every four plays...the intent there is try and use mutliple players on the field so that the QB doesn't monopolize all the action. I appreciate your suggestions and think they're great. We have done mostly north/south running with a very quick handoff to a RB in an I formation behind the QB. It has set up QB keeper fakes as well as a quick fake to the RB and quick pass to a slot receiver. Thanks again for the ideas!
  13. Our league has seven players on the field at once. One designated rusher can come right at the snap. It's 1st grade flag football, so often if the other team sends a quick player, they can easily disrupt the play. Any suggestions on plays that would work well in this type of league. Maximum number of linemen is 3 and they cannot extend arms to block. Thanks in advance!