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  1. If you havent seen it already, here's our review of our heavy duty commercial batting cage model as well!
  2. Check out our newest reveiw on our Economy model batting cage and let us know what you think!
  3. And check out our latest reivew! Do you ever have problems with your batting cage, trampoline, or other items in your yard when the wind picks up? Check out the Batting Cages Inc. HD Stake Down Kit. In this video, you will see two of our guys trying to pull these stakes out of the ground with a Jeep in 4 wheel drive to test how strong they are!
  4. This is our first product review video. Vann is reviewing our Armadillo L-screen, which features a 7' x 7' size, 2" steel tubing frame, and #60 HDPE netting to provide superior protection for the pitcher throwing batting practice. Check it out and let us know what you think! We're already hard at work on our second video and we have some really cool ideas going into it!
  5. Which do you prefer when training in a batting cage and why? Would you rather get a pitching machine set up and train that way? Or do you prefer to set up a protective screen (like an L-screen) in the cage and have someone throw various pitches? If you prefer the pitcher method over the machine, is it from a monetary standpoint in that a pitching machine costs significantly more than a screen in most cases, or is it because you actually feel that it's a better training method? Let's hear your thoughts on the subject.
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