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    Knee And Ankle Training

    This is a training to gain strength in knees and ankles, it should help to reduce the risk of injuries later on. It has a couple of plyometric exercises at the end, do them with care. http://gymarchive.com/public/show_training...151&language=en Any improvements are welcome...
  2. There is a new website that helps to create physical condition trainings. It has more than 1400 exercises all classified according to aprox. 60 variables. Each exercise has its own picture and video. The best is that you can import the trainings that others have done and modify them. This is a training to improve strenght and coordination using fighting games, applied to 12-16 years old: http://www.gymarchive.com/public/show_trai...119&language=en This is another I have done to improve jumping and leg strenght in general: http://www.gymarchive.com/public/show_trai...120&language=en