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  1. I have a unique situation that I'm sure all you great coaches would love to have. I've had this kid since he was 8 and now he's 11. Let start with his deficiencies: He's not a fan of football, slow footing, no real knowledge of the game - he's only 11, he gets nervous a lot. Sometimes throws side arm. Now his plus side: Despite being nervous he will do exactly as you tell him. Very accurate. His arm strength every since he was 8 is as strong as a grown man. Rarely fumbles a snap. Quick release like Dan Marino and power like Elway. Now the problem is me his coach. I can't seem to utilize his talents. He rarely has great receivers. And when he does I can't find ways to get his receivers open. Trust me when they open he will hit them. And of course when he has poor receivers forget it. Because he's slow footed they blitz us a lot. And because I can't come up with good pass plays to get kids wide open he doesn't have success. What would you do with this gift and dilemma?
  2. I have interesting situation but I'm sure it's so common. Looking for some ideas, feedback, pointers, and the how you handle the situation. 10 year old has a fantastic arm ever since the age of 4. But has not believed it till now (he was told by everyone who has ever seen him - his nickname is the kid with the golden arm). Spirals, accuracy, and POWER!!! His flaws are the following: - side arm: but now he's accepted to throwing over hand and using the drills to help with that - foot work: terrible. No speed, doesn't bend knees, and doesn't yet know how to use lower body to help with throwing. He relies on his arm strength - seriousness: because he's 10 he's silly BUT when around his coaches he will work hard. He will practice all day but just too silly when coaches are not around. He should grow out of that as he gets older - noticing when off the field he wants to show everyone his arm strength BUT when on the field he starts off gun shy - personality: shy but everyone loves him. He brights up a room just with his smile. And he can't keep from smiling So you see there's a definite prospect that has a lot of upsize. What advice would you give to continue this kid on the right path?
  3. I have an absolute speedster on my team that even in height wise he's one the shortest. But with the ball in his hands he can take it to the house on every play. The problem is his teammates. We stress throughout practice the blocking technique and how critical it is but when game time comes no matter how much we coach they freeze out there. It gets so bad out there that even on one play his blocker out of panic held him until the defender was able to catch up to him. Are there any plays out there that I can free him up. It seems like his teammates get in the way. This 7-9 year olds 5v5. And yes most of his teammates are first team SPORTS anything
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