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  1. JDMAN, It's tough to lose. It sounds like you are doing the correct thing. Keep positive, every chance you get give your players some positive feedback. Stick with the fundamentals and work alot on defense. Defensive skills will help you narrow the margin the elite teams have over you. Be patient, you are not going to see immediate improvement. Stick with the fundamentals and keep encouraging. Good luck!
  2. Brewer

    1st Time Coach; 1st Practice

    JazzCoach, There is a lot of good information on this site. Go to the home page at Y-coach.com and scroll down to the youth basketball coaching section. After reading the articles click on the Coaching DB button and go to the drills database to review the basketball drills. A couple of other sites to check out are: Power Basketball Guide To Coaching Youth Basketball
  3. Brewer

    Offense Vs A Trapping Defense

    Your players need to work on setting screens on the ball and away from the ball. Cutting to open areas and then cutting to the basket. Keep in mind that you pass to break the press you don't dribble, but it does help to have a good ball handler who can put pressure on the trapping defenders. The point being that your point guard can't try to make the pass over the trap too soon or the readers will pick the pass off.
  4. Brewer

    Talking About A Blowout

    Coachbob, I am a little confused with your post as you indicate that your team played about as well as they are capable of but you are still upset because they weren't devastated by the loss. If my team had played as well as they could and the players had given it all they had then I would not expect them to cry or be completely devastated by a loss. I would expect them to hold their heads up and be proud that they gave it their all. You and the team can obviously learn from this game. You have to get better at breaking the press so you need to spend a considerable amount of time working on the press. Let them know that you played a very good team but that you think if they work hard at practice they can eventually compete with this team, then let it go and move on. Just my two cents!
  5. Brewer

    Xtreme Rookie Coach

    I agree with pittfan stick with the fundamentals. Teach your players how to cut and move without the ball and spacing and you don't have to worry to much about running a set offense. Focus most of your time on defensive fundamentals and you will be a tough team for anyone to play. Check out the y-coach article Priciples of Defense You need find out who can handle the ball before your first game. You won't have much success if you don't have some ball handlers.
  6. Brewer

    Rookie Coach Needs Help

    If you've got a highly skilled point and a talented center, I'd just go easy with the kids and play a simple 3-2 offense, with your point at the top of the key bring up the ball, your 2 and 3 out on the wings, and your 4 and 5 down low at the blocks. Put your center on your point's weaker side (probably left), and have the team work on give and go's (wings) and pick and rolls (posts) focusing on your guards ability to drive and pass, and your center's ability to get overhead passes and pick up rebounds. I've tried this with my 5th-6th girl's team and it worked really well. Another option is a 2-1-2 offense, where the 1 and 2 play just slightly off the top elbows of the key, the 3 and 4 play on the blocks and your center sits at the free point line then makes cuts to the hoop off of screens set by the wings or post players. Hope that helps!
  7. Brewer


    One important rule that I can think of is - Let the coaches coach, don't try to coach your child or someone elses during the game.
  8. Brewer


    I can certainly understand that. I think that is why you start to see players around the age of 8 or 9 going from rec leagues to travel teams and select teams. Not that there is anything wrong with rec leagues as they give kids a chance to play sports and be active. But I think you find to many times on rec league teams the attitude that it's a social event and we are just here to have a good time and hand out with our friends. Where as on select and travel teams the players are committed to becoming better at the sport they have chosen to play and they strive to develop their skills.
  9. Brewer


    There is nothing wrong with a little discipline as long as you don't go overboard. Kids need to be able to have a good time and enjoy the sport especially at the younger ages. I would get the parents involved. Let them know that you need their support in keeping discipline on the team and helping the girls stay focused. I have put it to my parents this way... If you were paying for your child to take piano lessons and they showed up during practice and talked, goofed around and banged on the keyboard would you sit back and allow it? After they think about it most parents get my point and the next time their child is goofing around at practice I don't have to say anything. The parent will tell them to settle down and start paying attention.
  10. Brewer

    Winter Practice

    It's starting to cool off here now, what do you do for practices? Any suggestions out there? What do you do with pitchers and catchers? Do you use school gyms? Will they let you? How successful have you been on keeping your team together for winter workouts?
  11. Brewer

    Coaching Aids

    I coach 12u girls softball and have been looking at the Hit N Stick and the Accubat. Since the purchase will be out of pocket I just want to make sure these are good training aids. Any help would help alot. Thank you