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  1. Like Orange...I play my guys on both defense and offense. It does keep us from being as good as the teams that only play players in certain positions. However, I feel we are a more balanced team. The sum of our parts (in some cases) will be greater than the sum of theirs - BECAUSE, I have guys who have played all positions and are confident in playing them AND they may only have two or three really good players on each side of the ball. I play guys everywhere. The kids love it and I believe it will make them better football players in the long run. It will also keep them coming back to the game because of the good experience on the team. The kid on the team that only plays defense and never gets to play offense might be turned off from football for a long time. Just my two cents...
  2. Two wins on Saturday!! Game one was 25-7 with a pick six for us on the final play. My best player stepped in front of an out route and took it to the house! It was nice...after the game, he said, "Coach, that was my dream. I always wanted to do that." That is why we do it guys!!! Game two was a 19-6 victory. My slowest player who has a bit of a handicap with his right arm scored a conversion point. When he ran back to the huddle all I could see was his ENTIRE red mouthpiece. He was smiling like you wouldn't believe. We get a couple of weeks off because of fall breaks for the school system. Our next couple of games are against the top two teams in the league. One of them is avg over 30 points a game and the other is around 25 per game. These guys throw the ball a lot more than what we have faced thusfar. We play a 2-3 zone with my middle backer always rushing. I've told them on pass plays I want them to 'cover' their zone area and pick up the receiver who comes into it. I've also told them to cover the guy in front so they are between the QB and the receiver (I just thought it would be easier to get picks and defend from in front). We just seem to really struggle on pass plays and I feel we are going to be picked apart when we face these two teams. Any suggestions for me on what to practice to get the guys more ready for this type of offense. Also, one of these two teams has one player who is just dominant. He has scored almost all of their TDs (rushing and receiving). I was thinking about having my best player defend him one on one when we played them. Is this a good idea or not? It would be something different than what we have done all year (maybe I turn to this sort of tactic of all else is failing in this game). I'm not saying we won't compete with these guys - I just want us to be ready so we can have the best shot possible. Thanks for any pointers you can provide!!!!!
  3. I meant to post earlier in the week... We won our game last Saturday 27-6. We were strong defensively and only gave up one long run. I would still like to see us INT a pass (we have yet to do so). On offense, we were pretty strong. We scored on a quick screen to a wideout and ran in three others (I think all were end arounds). We are getting more efficient at running the plays and the handoffs are getting a little better. I would still like to see them going more 'full speed' when they take the handoffs. We aren't there yet. Our pass routes are not the greatest. With the drag plays they are all over the place depending on the player which makes it difficult on my QBs. I think we will work on running the basic routes again in practice. I worked in a little shotgun at the last practice and hope to use it in the games a little bit in the next week or so. We've got a DH tomorrow. Should be lots of fun. Thanks to all for the input you have provided thusfar!!!!!
  4. Thanks CRob!! There is some talking going on in the huddle. I try to limit it to just me but there is always talk. Can I get the ball on this play? Etc. I'll try and limit that to just me going forward - starting with practice. I think I may try and limit the # of plays as you suggest. I'll try and go with the drag passes, reverses, and double reverses (and maybe something coming from the backfield). I do think I may have a few to many plays for them at this early stage. However, I want to have the ability to run several things. I've got to balance that and like I said, I may limit the plays we run until we get those down and then add on. On the play calling - do you go through what EVERY player is doing on the play OR do you mainly concentrate on the responsibilities of the QB and the guys getting the ball?
  5. We played our first 'official' game last week against the team that 'rushed' us from the LOS when they shouldn't have been allowed in the jamboree. I discussed with the ref before the game and he was on the lookout for it. Just like our jamboree game they won the coin flip and took the ball first. Also, just like the jamboree they scored on the very first play. I've got to figure out how to get my guys 'into it' on that first play. On our first offensive play, I knew what I was going to run based on what they did to us last week and how they lineup (3-2 zone). I did what we call a 'quick pass' to the left. My QB takes the snap and just fires a pass out to the wideout. It was complete and he ran 45 yards for the TD. I knew they would be rushing so that is why I went with it. We ended the game in a 12-12 tie. I had a double reverse on one play that we would have scored on during the game but it was one of my slower guys running it and they ran him down. Also, my son dropped a handoff on the another double reverse on the games final play that he would have probably scored on. Our second TD came on a center drag play that we worked to perfection. We've done a great job with flag pulling (minus the games first play). We get in front of the runner and slow them down while pulling the flag. We continue to struggle with handoffs and I am going to work on that more. Double reverse (double handoffs) seem to cause the defense lots of problems. Also, I plan to throw the ball a bit more this week. In the huddle, I'm using laminated plays. We work on them during practice BUT it still seems the kids don't totally understand what they are doing and we are taking WAY TOO LONG in the huddle. Any ideas that might help me out here (run fewer plays and get good at those, etc)? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks Orange and Johnp. I'll try and incorporate your suggestions. I like the motion idea. I hadn't thought of it. I did think of moving the end around handoff from receiver to slot guy given the rush issue. I do plan on having a talk with the director tomorrow AND with the ref prior to the game. Honestly, we had zero chance of getting anything going on Saturday due to this rush. Coach Rob...hope you can respond to my prior email with your thoughts. Anyone else can chime in as well. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. Hi guys!! I'll apologize for the length and number of questions up front. Played our 'jamboree' game today. It's with i9sports. We are 5 on 5 with a rusher seven yards (can be any number of rushers). Kids are age 6-8. We gave up a 45 yard TD run on the first play but battled back and eventually lost the game 20-12. We struggled with flag pulling early on but then really settled down. We played a 2-1-2 zone defense and it seemed to work pretty well. I always rushed one defender. We batted down one pass and dropped what would have been and INT. We didn't get in front of the ball carrier like we had practiced which allowed the runners to run free sometimes as we were just grabbing for flags and not slowing the runner down. Overall, on the defensive side of the ball I was fairly pleased for the first game (scrimmage). Anyway, on to my problem and questions... We struggled on offense. I mainly used Orange and Coach Rob plays. Mostly (90%) we ran the end around or a double reverse. We only threw the ball three times and we were not close to a completion on any of them. We scored once on the end around and another time on a double reverse. The problem...I think this could be twofold. One, we seem slow at performing the handoffs and being in the right place. How far behind the LOS do you typically have your QB hand the ball off on the end around? Also, do you have your QB 'go and meet the ball carrier OR does he wait for him'? We seemed to run into major problems with the rusher getting in the backfield (to the QBs flag before he could even hand off). Now two, I believe what contributed to this was the defense not playing by the rules. They played 3 guys on the line and 2 about 5 yards deep. One of the three on the LOS was right over center and seemed to rush every play. When my QB would go to make the handoff there would be three guys on him. Needless to say the handoffs did not go well, nor did the plays. I mentioned it to the ref and he said something to the other team but it didn't seem to do much good (he did penalize them twice for it- but could have done so every play - in my opinion). Do you guys have this sort of problem on normal handoffs and on end arounds? Do you think it us being THAT slow getting the play going and not being in the right spots OR is it the defense not rushing by the rules? I'm leaning (hoping) that it is the rules. I intend on saying something to the league director. I felt that we even got more pressure on the QB than I expected. We did rush only one guys but it sure seemed we were closer than seven yards off the ball (more like five). We play this same team next week in our first 'real' game. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to attack them (I mean, with the rush coming in so fast what play will burn them)? Again, I'm hoping it is not us being slow on plays and is a defensive rule not being applied correctly. Coach Rob...this one is for you as it appears you have coached this age group for a year or two with i9. What plays (of yours) seem to give you the most success? Yours are a bit different than Orange's plays and I recall Orange saying his plays were designed for no rush league. Like I said earlier, we tried three pass plays and were not close to a completion. Two of them were center drag plays and my QB was just throwing the ball up as he had two or three guys hanging on him (we run three step center drag). Also, on the end arounds how far out should the wideout be (from the center) when you lineup before the play is ran? Maybe I'm lining him up too wide. I know it is one week and we'll get better. I've got some capable little guys and I just want them to have fun and be successful. I appreciate any suggestions you guys might have for me. Thanks!!!!! Coach Ray
  8. Coach Rob Appreciate the comments on my questions. I'll incorporate your suggestions into what I do. Like I said, offense is the most difficult part of the game to deal with. Very little time to work on plays and what they need to do with only one hour of practice each week (also we don't start our first practice until our first game, so no time to work on things for a couple of weeks or so before game one). I try and have a couple of good QBs that I can depend on and then let everyone else play other positions (I'll sprinkle in another QB so my good QBs can carry the ball from time to time). I try and get as equal touches as possible. It's just difficult to get the offense in sync early in the season. Thanks again for the help!!
  9. Hi guys!! I posted on the site a while back (last year) when I coached my first flag football team. It was a great help just reading throught this thread. This year, I'll be coaching 6-8 year olds with i9sports. Only one six year old on a nine man team. I plan on playing the five dice defense (a 2-1-2 zone). My middle guy will rush most plays. He has to be seven yards off the LOS. How far off the LOS should my front two guys be and how far back are my safeties? How do I defend the middle when I rush? Seems it leaves it very open for center plays. I use your tips on practicing pulling flags and getting in front of the runner and slowing him down. A great help!! On offense is where I struggle. I wish we could practice more but we are allowed only one practice per week and that is one hour prior to our games. Not much time to work on plays once you do the other things. I like the idea of one formation for the plays (with another formation or two sprinkled in). It makes it easier on the kids and doesn't tip your plays. We ran the end around or reverse a lot last year and it was our bread and butter (pee wee division 4-6 yr olds). How do I work on plays in practice so that they are ready for the plays in the game? I usually practice handoffs (end around type), center/QB exchange and just run a basic over the middle route and have someone throw the ball to them. Would you recommend going with a set # of plays and giving the 'playbook' to each kids parents so they could work on things at home OR at least see them? Also, what is easiest way during game to call plays (30 second clock) so that everyone knows where they are going? Do I have the playbook on the field and just show each person where they are and what they will do? Should I run shotgun or just do a center/QB exchange? If the ball is dropped the play is dead. I have seen a lot of the plays that Orange and Coach Rob have and plan on using the end around and short passes to move the ball. Thanks for all the great posts here and for any help you guys might be able to provide!! Coach Ray
  10. I'll give the suggestions a go at the practice on Saturday morning. Thanks for your time and input.
  11. I had my first practice and scrimmage game on Saturday. They don't keep score for the scrimmage games and honestly I don't have a clue how it turned out. My kids are 4,5 and 6 year olds. They did a really nice job defensively. We gave up one long run of 30+ yards for a score. However, it was the QB who ran it and the coach was immediately told that the QB can't run in our league. They let it count since it was only a scrimmage. We actually almost picked off a pass later (the only pass they threw). Our struggles are going to be on the offensive side (however, we did complete a pass to our center for a long touchdown - he just went up about three or four yards - turned around, was wide open and caught the pass and ran forever for the score). In practice I worked on flag pulling, throwing the ball, center/QB exchange and ran a few plays before the game began (we practice one hour prior to our games). Once the game got going, I could tell we didn't work on plays enough. This week at practice I want to solely work on plays. I have used plays mostly from Orange's playbook since they are simple/basic plays. I love the misdirection in them as well. Can someone (Orange?) offer up some advice on how to work on plays in practice? Do you just run them over and over? How do you work on route running on plays and where they are supposed to be or go? I have the plays printed on paper and they are stapled together. I show them the play we are going to run in the huddle, tell each player where they are going to be and what they will be doing. Then we run the play. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I can tell that I have four very good players out of my seven. One is a notch below them and the other two will be a struggle. It is going to be a fun, exciting season!
  12. Orange New to this site and board. Looked around for days for information and no success. Then, I stumbled across this thread and I feel I am ready for the start of the season!! This is my first time to coach flag football. I will be coaching 4, 5, and 6 year olds. It is 5 on 5 with only a 7 player roster. The QB can't run and we can't rush him. Most of what I had heard prior to this thread was that you run most of the time (say 70%). Then, when I see your playbook it has only 4 running plays out of your 16. They basically come from two formations. I also like the idea of the formations looking the same. It is easier for the kids to remember where we will be lining up for each play and it looks the same to the defense. Also, you can do multiple things from this formation. What should the ratio of run vs pass be (what is yours)? Also, do you think this age group will be able to run and complete the pass plays? I am going to put to use almost everything you have suggested. I love the zone defense concept AND learning to pull the flag and slow the runner down are very, very important. You have to be able to stop the other team. Our first practice is Saturday morning for one hour and then our first game. I plan on working on flag pulling, center/QB exchange, having them throw one on one with one another, working on a couple of plays and hopefully scrimmage for a few minutes (I only have seven guys, so this might be a little difficult but at least they can get a feel on how we need to run the plays in live action). Thanks for everything you have posted previously, I feel like I am ready to take this on now whereas before I found this thread I was a little overwhelmed. One other thing......how would you substitute in this format? My goal is for each kid to have FUN, score a TD, play QB and learn fundamentals of flag football. Thanks again!!
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