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  1. Thank you guys for the replies. I had forgotton all about this post. Thanks for the information.
  2. I have a situation with my 14 yr olds coach. They have double header games every Wed. and Fri. nights. There are only 12 kids on the team. This a summer rec. program set up to improve the players ability. for some reason 3 kids, one is mine, is not playing in the first game and they only play half of the second game. When my wife approached him about it his response was "the first games are close and I tried to win, I won't play them if the games are close, if you don't like that then so be it" Now these three kids are not bad players and they are the first ones to show up for practices and they haven't missed any of them. They don't play around and they give 110% effort every time. They are starting to get fustrated about not getting any playing time. They are 2-4 with all four losses by slaughter rule. one game they lost 24-0. they so called players who lay every inning were intimidated and whinning, one of the three who don't get innings said he has forgooton more baseball than the pitcher has learned. (of course the pitcher is the coaches son who 1-11 with 6 strikeouts, but he still gets to play. my son is 0-6 w/1 k and the rest were hard hit liners to the outfield. Since this is a summer rec. league and not a traveling I was wondering about your guys input on this. Every player has to pay $25 to participate. If players have to pay, then do they have the right to play? Any imput would be aprciated.
  3. I have coached a few years now in baseball and also football. Your problems are universal to all youth sports. As you already know some parents are just plain stubborn. 3 out of 20 practices just can't cut it. If the dad can't deal with it, then so be it. Second, the kid who is developing slower than the other kids It sounds like a confidence problem. We currently have had a similer situation with my team this summer (3rd & 4th graders) where our team got much of the kids that the other coaches didn't. We have a kid who actually wasn't picked to be on a team. He is your typical slow, overweight, non-athletic, kid. We saw that he wasn't on a team so we decided to ask him if he would play with us. Our firts day of practice WOW, this 10 year old has a natural curveball that would buckle the knees of many 14 year olds. keep this in mind every diamond starts out as a dirty, lumpy, piece of coal. You'll be surprised what a few hours a week 1 on 1 training would do. Also do everything as a unified team such as, warm ups, strectching, playing catch (all facing one direction, etc. If you have them run and touch the center field fence have this kid lead the way with everyone else behind him cheering him on. that would boost his self confidence so much you wouldn't believe, it'll make him feel like he is part of the team, which i'm assuming that he probably doesn't already. Heck, have him start a game. if he is showing up to every practice working hard he has probably earned a couple of starts. As far as his parents go i can see thier concern with his playing time. especially if you have had problems with the other players parents. the message they are probly recieveing from the coaching staff whether it is intentional or not is that your philosphy is that you can recieve nore playing time if your are a good player, on time, and you show up for practices. You will not get much PT if you don't show up for practice and if you are not a good player. I'm not saying that is the way it is, but it probably what they are recieving from your staff. Just remember you are always going to have parents who are difficult. As coaches we have to try to figure out which ones have the ligitimate concern or who is just being selfish. As coaches we have what is the best, fairest, and most practible way of running a youth team. hope this helps, good luck
  4. I have vsome videos i got from HitRunScore.com they are pretty good. They feature videos based on position. from many diffrent top college coaches. Tom Osburn from Nebraske has a good one on organization of practices. Also the football coaching bible is preety good coaching resource too.
  5. I am in the beginning stages of opening an indoor multi-sport complex. The idea is for the kids to have a place where they can improve thier skills. I am going to have batting cages, an indoor infield for baseball, basketball court, and a multi-purpose room. i am strongly thinking about having a indoor football field (50 yards). My question is If you guys had an opportunity to take your football teams indoors for practice what advantage would it be to have practice inside? Besides weather conditions. And what equipment would you want to see? All replies would be helpful. Thank you
  6. Congrats on being drafted by the NFL, that experience alone should have taught you something about the word TEAM! When choosing to be involved with youth based activities you should always keep in mind that even a dimond starts out as a dirty peice of rock. Looking at all youth as a valued member, instead of determing who has what genes, seems to be a more productive way of conducting yourself as a positive coach and or father. Every coach on every team in every league across this country has some sort of rule that drives them out of their mind and if they could they would either trash the rule or rewrite it. Sense very few of us coaches are not involved in producing the rules of the league the only thing we can do is adapt to them. If your son can't play in a ball advancing postion try not to look at it as negative, but a positive. This may give your son an opportunity to learn a different part of the game. As you already know college and professional coaches look for diversity in a player and it would only help him in the long run.
  7. My two cents....again Talking in the huddle. thats up to the HC some encourage it others don't. fell free for the ones that let you and shut up for ones that don't. It's just that simple. Now as far as grabbing a child in an aggressive manner. Come on people there is no place in youth sports for that kind of behavior. Heck, that's assault. What are we teaching our children? It's O.K. to grab someone if you are upset with them. Please!! There is absolutly no, i mean no reson for him to do that. Hey i got an idea next time the coaches makes a mistake, let's just say call the wrong play let's grab him aggressivly and say don't do that again. I betcha he wouldn't like it too much. If a child makes a mistake and there children they'll make them. Let's explained what they did wrong and work on it during practice. that guy is lucky becuase you are a bigger man than me. I don't think I would have handled myself in such of an cordial manner as you did.
  8. I'm a parent/coach of baseball and football. I've been on both sides of the field. Every parent wants whats best for thier child, every coach should want best for the team, ALL Adults should wants whats best for every child. 1 1/2 hrs a day 2-3 days a week, 12-15 children, no way one coach can do justice to every child. 1 on 1 TEACHING just isn't going to be there like it should. I agree parents should be helping out in the backyard or at a nearby park. It makes a world of diffrence with thier confidence also the most importatnt you get good quality time with your kids (personall experience). Also parents should attend practices I dont get to attend my 14 yrs old practices much because they conflict with my youngest practice. but I attended one last week and the coach put me to work so everyone can help. i also believe that youth coaches should attend a few high school practices, if apllicable, to see what they are doing as far drills and stuff. I'm fortunate because I help out with my youngest on Homer, Mi and thier High school team is currently 98-1 over the past 3 seasons, they set a national record 75 wins in a row (and they were on ESPN) but the coaches and players are always open to us rec. coaches for advice. I attended on of thier camps for the smaller kids and one of the coaches knew i helped out with smaller kids and he encouraged me to watch and learned and ask any questions if I had any. It was great cause I learned alot in that 2 hours.
  9. "As far as the inferior gene thing goes. I totally stick by that comment!" Maybe you forgot what you said!!! If you don't want people to respond, then don't write anymore posts!!!!
  10. The wieght limit issue is a major reason why things don't get settled in league and coaches meetings. I personall think there should be some sort of weight limit for advancing the ball, especially at that age. Many people will only argue a rule if it hinders them in some way directly (i'm guilty of it) instead of arguing it for the good of the league. Did ask yourself is the rule to hinder your son personally or is it for the saftey of ALL the children involed. Most wieght limits I would hope are for the saftey of the children. if there is a injury do to a size diffrence in kids, it's usually the defender getting hurt by the larger offensive player. Think about it what would do more damage a charging mouse into an elephant or a charging elephant onto a mouse. Weght does matter at the youth level (7-12 yr olds). Hey "Charles Darwin" as far as the "superior gene" thing goes, thats a bunch of hog wash. Most likley he has just develope athletically earlier than other children that he is going aginst. parent's make the biggest mistake by assuning that there child will be the next big thing. i would think the help of a professional football player has more to due with his early succes than "a superior gene". What messages are sending to your son? That he is superior to all of the players around him. I'm afraid that you guys are going to get a rude awaking when he moves up to the high school level and all of the other kids have gotten better and have progressed passed him. I've coached football for 3 yrs and baseball for 5 and I have seen kids who were hot shots in fifth grade and now are barley surviving in middle school and Jv. On ther hand I've seen kids who could barely run or catch who are starting on High School varsity as freshman. remember things change. try and spending a little more time with your son with fundelmantals of the game, sportsmanship, and the value of teamwork than filling his head with some "superior gene" nonsense. Youth sports is learning, sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun doing it.
  11. Hello everyone, Im usually in the football forum, but this summer i am helping with 8-9-10 yr olds for my sons baseball team. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good value a 9" plastic wiffles balls. The least expensive I found was at Wal_Mart. $6.99 per dozen. Does anyone know of a better value? Your imput would greatly be apprecieted.
  12. Dano, I also coach at that age level. I have a similer coaching philosophy as you do. I have said many times on this forum, that youth sports no matter what it is IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS, NOT THE ADULTS. Nothing makes me more dissapointed than a youth coach or league who thinks that they are involed in Div. 1 football or the NFL. Stick to your guns. remember a this age its not about winning its about teaching. We only do 4.5 hrs a week for practice, once in a while we would go an extra day (1.5 hrs) we don't stress winning or bad sportsmanship, we stress teamwork and execution. At this level it really doesn't matter how good your players are its not like your qb is going to go 25/31, 280yrds, and 3 TD's. Peyton Manning could be taking your snaps it just aint gonna happen. With that in mind, we should still be working on fundamentals. I know it can get hard because your trying to keep your kids competitive but good fundamentals can overcome almost eveerything. I don't know about other coaches but, i'll take a very good block for 5 yrds over a miss tackle for 6 any day of the week. They reason I say that is because a good block overtime is going to be more consistant than with miss blocks. Luck helps but, fundamentals is what makes things succesful no matter what we are doing in life. Remember the concept of youth sports is about life lessons while having fun doing it. If we can teach OUR children (that means every child that is involved in you your sport on or off your team) great fundamentals in sports, then maybe it could carry over in the real world. hope this helps you
  13. Im not a huge defensive guy but, I would make sure that the de's and the cb's stay at home. Especially the weak side cb, maybe have one of your lbs drop back just in case the fb goes out for a pass. Individual tackling would seem to be crucial. becasue if the qb rolls out it wuld probably be the de or the cb one on one with him a mis match with the de but, good fundamentals should overcome that. Is it flag or tackle? either way i would work a lot of one one drills with your defense. Especially your lb's. Also i would watch out for your flats you have your hb as a pass threat too. If the hb goes off tackle make sure that a lb is there to greet him. 8 man poses a huge threat for a defense because it creats a lot of 1on1 matchups which usually favors the offense. Good penatration from your dl always will help you out. I would go thru a lot of 1on1 drills with your lb's and cb's. I don't know what age group you have? I would also watch out for play action. i f they see your lb's and cb's closing in on the off tackle run thay might send the fb out on a route on a fly or post right behind your lb's. (thats what i would do) Hopes this helps. Coach Jones
  14. Hey Jack, Im in Michigan too (Albion). Do you have any information on the clinic you were referring to?
  15. I have a slightly diffent view. First, from a coaches point-of -view; unless someone is a first year youth coach, we all know that there are going to parents that are just plain difficult and closed minded. As I enter my fifth year at three diffrent age groups its not a matter of when, but who? As youth coaches we have to take into consideration the parents. I have always felt that parents are just as much part of the team as thier kids are. That doesn't mean that they are part of the coaching staff, but nevertheless still part of the team. With that being said, then they should know what role they take. My leauge we found out really fast that if parents take an active role in the team then their attitudes towards the way things are run change. I found out the biggest reason parents get upset is because they simply just don't know whats going on. yes there are a few who want to live thier dreams thru thier children, but not all of them. As far as positions go every child should have an oppurtunity to play positions the want BUT not at the expense of the rest of team. If your coaches make it very clear that only a certain number of QB's, RB's, etc. will be needed, then the rest is on the parents not the coaches. If a kids want's to be a Qb but for some reason didn't make it on the depth chart, then I BELIEVE it is the coaches OBLIGATION to tell him/her what they need to work on on to try to improve thier abilities. Kids learn at diffrent rates some slow other fast. I had a kid a couple of years ago who could barley run, now he was the starting qb in 8th grade and is lighting everyone up. Second from a parents view; we all want our children to be the best they can be. and if we would we would fix it where they would be the star. A lot of the complaing is that parents don't always look at things from all angles. usally its the one that benifits thier children the most. Many times coaches get caught up in winning and not what s the real reason why we are out there. TO EDUCATE. If my children have while they are out there then i will have fun. Whether they play the whole game or 10 secs. Now from a caoch of a son; it is hard to seperate you from the dad from you the coach. The way i have delt with that is my son plays defense and i work with the offense. Yes I check on him from time to time but im not too easy on him or too hard on him. and if im working with his team then im just there to help and not to make decesions. it is the hardest thing to do is to seperate da from coach. I believe most problems occure in youth sports is that ADULTS lose sight why the program exists. Winning can't be the number 1 priority. Learning should be. Most good coaches can be very competitive with sub-par talent. If we can remember that it doesn't take the best talent or popular kids to be sucsessful, just the best TEAM effort. we all have to learn before we can teach. REMEMBER IT IS ABOUT THE KIDS NOT THE ADULTS INVOLVED. Winning is great, but playing with dignity and sportsmanship is better.
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