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  1. Does anyone know of a coaches clinic coming up soon in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois? I really would like to attend a clinic before our fall season starts in September. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Wow, this has all been very helpful. Thank you!
  3. Can anyone tell me more about these programs? Are they just for professional coaches or are they something that would be benefical for me to attend as a beginning coach? Are there any other coaches clinics that would be helpful? Do you know of any upcoming in the Kansas City or Saint Louis area, or anywhere I can find more info?
  4. Does anyone have any good drills or ideas to get my girls to get in the ready position? Ive tried telling them over and over to get on their toes and not stand flat footed or even pulling their heels off the floor so that they have to put their weight on the balls of their feet, but they all act like cant keep their balance while doing so. im looking for a drill that will make them do it without even thikning, because i just dont think they understand what im trying to get them to do. Please help
  5. Does anyone have any drills or exercises that will help the girls learn to watch the ball at ALL times? I notice my girls not paying attention some times when they think another teammate has gotten the ball, or when they get it over the net, not watching it to see if the other team is going to get it back over.
  6. I Have a couple girls who are terrified of the ball, they wont get any where near it. How do i get them to be aggressive without making the situation worse?
  7. I tried a drill I saw for passing and the girls seem to love it. You place three baskets (I used laundry baskets) in a line in front of them so it is like the baskets are their front line, and then put them in a line and toss them the ball one at a time. They try to make a basket, it works on aim and ball control when passing. It is pretty difficult so I let anyone who made one pick something the other girls had to do like push ups, laps, etc.
  8. What are some good warm ups for 4th grade girls? I think we are being to easy on them , but I played competitive sports for 12 years. I may be out of touch a little with 9 year olds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanx
  9. We have one girl who is going to cause problems. She’ the only one unhappy with the team she was put on (there are 2 teams) but if we would have put her on the other team she would be playing with her friends and disrupting the game for everyone. Is there any good way to discipline one player and not have her feel any more left out? Anything would be helpful. thanx
  10. We are trying to figure out if its too early to teach 9 year olds how to dig out of the net. I think it would be a good skill to learn early. Any ideas? And if its not, what would be a good drill to teach this effectively?
  11. Thanks for the advice. We had such a huge response with girls that want to play that we are having to make two teams. We ended up with 18 girls, so 9 per team. We found one other person who would asst coach, so hopefull we will do ok with it. I just thought I would note that we have 4th grade girls and most of them have never played before. I picked up a few books which were very helpful. Any advice on some good drills/games, or anything else would be appreciated. Thanks, Rebecca
  12. My freind and i are coaching her daughters volleyball team. We've played for a number of years but neither of us have ever coached. We are just looking for some pointers on how to start out , what we need and really anything in general. We appreciate any advice. thanx
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