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  1. I am having problems w/ my assistant coach and need some help. Here's the sit. I am a new teacher at a very small school and was asked to be the head coach and part of their enticing package was that I would have an assistant coach. Turns out my assistant coach is fresh out of high school, asked to be head coach but was told no because of his age. I played softball for 10 years he's played baseball for one. My philosophy is work hard but have fun his is win. From day one I approached the situation as if we were equals I would ask his opinion on planning and we would be in agreement prior to practice but then when it got down to it he would completely do something different. Several times I let it slide but its getting to the point where I say one thing and hes says another and the girls are getting confused. The two times I have called him on it he gets out team leader and bad mouths me. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am going to talk to my AD tomorrow and I plan on talking to him but every time we have talked he just goes along with what I am saying and then does something totally different. HELP!
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