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  1. Well here I am throwing my hat into this ring..I coach 8-9yr olds and we've already had our first game. We won that 5-0. We have some go getters and serious defenders. I've preached to them "Not in my house!" They have literally taken ownership of side of the pitch and refuse to let others to do what they want. It all sounds rough and hardcore but we are talking about 8-9yr olds so it's as aggresive as it's going to get. We are just working on spacing (which is coming along ok) and attacking the ball...don't wait for it to come to you because by then, it's already too late. All in all we have a good group of kids, just gotta get that pesky rotation thing down...
  2. Hopefully it doesn't rain today...got practice #2. I'll check back...
  3. Well, got the first practice out of the way. I have to say that was fun. I only had two kids that were a bit rambunctious but nothing that can't be handled. By the way Orange..your advice in the last post was spot on, even though I didn't read it until just now. They were little go getters. I used some of the drills I found in this thread and kept them to 10 minute drills. By only having 5 show up (8 players total) I will be able to work everyone in without anyone getting bored. I had printed out a typed sheet of what I expected to do and got most of what I wanted. I have an assistant coach who's into it to so I think we got a good thing going. Coach's meeting is tomorrow so we'll finally get the rules & regs, jerseys and some questions answered. I'll be checking back if anyone has any advice. Thanks!
  4. I have scoured the internet for advice and have found absolutely nothing..unless I wanted to pay for something I didn't even get to preview. This thread is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for the all the info I was able to glean just reading this thread through. So here is my story: Today I have my first practice for 6-7 year old flag football. I have read alot of this post and I have a plan in mind. I know this plan will fall apart but I'll do my best...should be fun. I don't know much of anything about the league and it's rules because we haven't had a coach's meeting yet..that's tomorrow. I will be sure to stop by afterwards and report my success/failure/attempt at corraling the youngsters. I'm sure it'll be alot like herding chickens...
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