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    Missed Practices

    Tough situation and I understand your frustration. I think you have 3 choices. 1) Don't worry about it and practice with who you have, and play the kids according to league rules. 2) Go to the league and inform them that you feel the kids need to be held to a higher standard in order to learn and develop their life skills and are asking permission to modify the league rules in the future. 3) Quit and let someone else do it or look for another league to coach in. Now choice 1 is the choice you can either do or can't do. I don't think I could, especially if my kid was the one that was committed to the team. Choice 2 leads to choice 3 if the leauge is too soft. Remember many people use the Y as a cheap babysitter service. I think I would be inclined to tell you to go with option 2, but in the super-softie world we live in.... it will likely lead to 3. Best of luck. Coach Will
  2. Peacemaker

    Hitter Backing Out Of Batter Box

    Will agree with dimaggio here. The 1x8 board should be encouraged as it creates balance and proper striding to stay on the board. The other varieties mentioned work on the same thing, but only have an increased chance of injury. I would doubt that the results are much better. Stick with the one thats safer. Coach Will
  3. Peacemaker

    Created My Own Generic Web Site

    SOunds good. Also I opened the forums to the public. Had thought I had done that earlier but as no one viewed them, and a few answered the survey, I looked and they were private. So thats fixed. Thanks again for the advice. Coach Will
  4. Peacemaker

    Created My Own Generic Web Site

    I just need to keep the private info in the "access only" page right? I shouldnt have a need to keep the forums or general display stuff right?
  5. Peacemaker

    Created My Own Generic Web Site

    I know nothing about making a web page so most of it was trial and error. Still under construction but feel free to come and take a look, leave comments, etc. Only a few links up at this point, but some decent ones. Anyway thanks for lookin' and any advise would be appreciated. Also would't mind some input in the coaches corner (message boards) if anyone has any topics they want to discuss. http://eteamz.active.com/peacemakers/ Coach Will
  6. Losman - While others have given you the opinion you want to here, I am gonna give you the tough love side. It certainly shows how proud you are of your son and his accomplishments. My hats off for you on that. But, I think you need to take a step back and take a look at the big picture again. Here's some questions for you to reflect on, and some observations. 1) Why is your son being bounced around in positions so much? Weight gain? Speed loss? Conditioning? Lack of talent? 2) Is the coaches son "bad"? If he is, then you have a legitaimate bitch, but if he is just another "joe" then does he not deserve to play as well? Here's one you may not have thought of... what's mom gonna say if I don't play little johny. No sugar tonight! 3) Do you REALLY.... and I mean this with all the emphasis I can give.... want your kid to possibley sustain another injury because he rehabbed too quick JUST so he can play in the last game of a season.... BEFORE HE EVEN REACHES HIGH SCHOOL! Honestly, I think the 3 minutes he was in the game as you described was PERFECT, and I would do the exact same.... perhaps maybe a minute or 2 less. He was not conditioned... he probably was not aware of any changes made, he did not watch film (if they do), he did not practice against this defense, etc. The only reason he played sounds to me like the coach honored his hard work by letting him get in the game. 4)Good scout team players often get clobbered against the big boys... not a question... just a fact. There are exceptions of course, but is your son that a)fast b)big c)smart where he deserves to be on the starting roster. Thats the real question you seem to have. From a Dad how could you not expect an answer of " GODDAMN RIGHT!". Maybe get another opinion from another coach or ask the HC what is keeping him from starting. 5) I can understand your frustration with politics, and it does suck, but you have to accept that if the coach sees these guys every week, he is going to be more inclined to want to help those who are helping him. Its not fair....but it is human. Play their game or accept it. I don't mean you have to suck up or be an assistant coach.... but you can call him and ask if you could talk to him for a little bit over lunch or something. In my job I deal with politics all the time, maybe I am just used it, but you have to be in their face if you don't wanna get the door slammed on ya. 6)Your sons thumb would probably not get a call from me either. Maybe as he nears the time to when he should be recovered, but honestly I would expect you to call and say that he is cleared to play. Thats about it from me. Not sayin your wrong in any of your questions. Truly I respect that you want the best for your son. When you truly say he is the "Best goddamn player for that job" without being a dad, then you have a legiimate bitch to league officials, but until then, talk to the coach as to his deficiencies, practice them and get him better, and shw the coach the improvement on the things he said were keepig him out of the Starting lineup. If he still acts favorabley (remember you are scout dad, not dad dad) and puts inferior players in.... go the league. Coach Will
  7. Peacemaker

    Opposing Coaches

    Gonna throw my 2 cents in as well. I think you just had a gift thrown your way. If someone is trying to score more runs in a game, is this wrong? If he is teaching patience at the plate is this wrong? What he was doing was showing you HIS strengths, and using them agaisnt YOUR weaknesses, and this is what seperates good teams from bad, regardless of how much fun the kids are intended to have. If you have a lot of PB's or your catcher doesn't hustle or have an arm.... is this his fault? No, it merely shows you that you need to work on all of these and possibley reconsider your position assignments. Baseball is a competitive game. It is a team game as well. Teaching your kids to succeed should not be misconstrued as being unsportsmanlike. I did not see mention of him stopping or continuing after a large lead was built up. Me personally, I would do it till you countered it, or I had a decent lead. If you the do same to me, it teaches me what I need to work on. Games such as these teach us the most, and along with that comes my motto "we learn our best lessons from the worst mistakes we make in life". You haven't worked enough (or previous coaches haven't) on some aspects. Big deal, we all got things to work on. At least you know what some of yours are. Make corrections, find some of his weaknesses, and beat him next time you play him. Coach Will
  8. Peacemaker

    Coach Will, New And With Questions

    synwave7 - thanks for the vote of confidence and the advise. Pretty much what I had in mind. Still gonna have to walk a fine line between fun and expectations of parents. Gonna have to overemphasize that at the first meeting. streborgTX - I had to look back at the rules... and sure enough the 5 men on the line rule is there.... so much for my wishbone. As for your advise: 1)Yup, thats what I had in mind. Dives (off guard), offtackle, sweeps, and a reverse were the main focus. Intended to add counters and traps (in that order) if they were able. 2)Shouldn't have too much trouble here, have a pretty decent imagination and I have seen quite a few "fun" drills in my searches. 3)Appreciate that piece of advise, doubt I would have hit it with enough focus. Still rackin my brain tryin to think how I can teach 12-16 kids 8 positions in 10 practices. I suppose it will end up being just like T-ball... general idea of what is going on but no specialties. 4)Already in the works. Got my current one for baseball in a nice format and all I should have to do is change the drills and replace the word baseball with football.... well not that easy.... but you know what I mean Thanks again guys Will
  9. Peacemaker

    Coach Will, New And With Questions

    Well, I'll take your bet. Hope I lose it, and hope you are right. Appreciate you taking the timr to answer. Will
  10. Peacemaker

    Coach Will, New And With Questions

    Thanks for the feedback Steve. let me give ya a couple of follow-ups. 1) I was heavily leaning towards trying to find a group that would stay with me for years. The only problem is, realisticly, what are the odds that these guys are gonna stay in district and their kids are gonna want to continue to play. I think I am going to try a little of both (best of both worlds). If I can get 1 or 2 who I think have the highest chance of staying with me (and their personalities and mindsets fit with mine) I will make them permanent coaches, and let several "single-season" coaches assist in practice up to their capabilities. If they work well I add to the full -timers, if not, thanks for the help. Sound feasable? 2)I think that is again what I had in mind. Build toward the future, but develop the now. I intend to keep the playbook simple, 10 plays, and they all might not be there for the first game. I think my conceived offense and defense will put me ahead of my rookie peers, but, I guess we all think that. 3)Looking at my question again, it hit me that the issue isn't really what I typed. More nervousness coaching a new sport in a high profile town used to winning. Call it rookie Jitters. Reading what you said made me reflect on that. I didn't have any problems with parents' expectations or anything like that in baseball and we have been very successfull. No doubt I can do the same with football. Thanks again for your replies. Will
  11. Just wanted to say hi. You can call me Coach Will if ya like. This will be my first year of coaching football as I will be coaching my sons' JFL 6 year-old flag team. Little about me: Played until I was 12 or so... tranferred to a private school which had none, played my senior year as I transferred back to a public school. Have a 4-year degree. Work as an Engineering Technican for a Civil Engineering company. Also worked part-time as a cop, but cut that back to auxiallary so i can have a little more time in other things. Worked with the Linebacker coach at a Div 1-AA school and did a lot of film work with him. I also took college level coaching classes (football and baseball) while in school. Have coached baseball 3 years to 8 and unders. I am beggining this season with a great amount of excitement. I have wanted to coach my son at football for many years, and he is finally old enough. My knowledge of the game consists a large part on the "behind-the-scenes" abilities. I think I am a sound stratagist, have a knack for designing an offense and a defense (untested in RL), and understand the whole "your the boss, like it or not" thing. The parts I am weakest on are individual technique, individual drills, and to be honest designing an entire system which fits within the confines of the leagues very odd and stringent rules. Many of the rules remove much of what makes up the game we call football. I won't go into detail as to wat these are as many of you are probably familiar with many of them, but it certainly is giving me headaches trying to think about how I am going to teach each kid 8 positions in 3 weeks. The main reason I am unfamiliar with technique at various positions is quite frankly because I never played them. I have a few questions and will take any pointers you may have as well. 1) How important is forming a long-term coaching staff? Should I seek out a group of dads and try and teach them football, or seek out those who may only have a 1 year shelf-life but have extensive football knowledge and patch it together year to year? 2) The community I am coaching at has a VERY strong football following. The high school team is always state-bound and has a history of being the top in the area, repeatably. This rolls right in with the community and their expectations are always high. At this age group I understand fully that we are at an instructional age, and that winning is not as important as teaching sound fundaentals, but here's the question. Do I push these kids (and parents) with an overly aggressive practice schedule to be sure that the kids learn as much as possible, and the parents feel they are getting their money's worth? I certainly do not want to be known as the coach who didn't get his kids ready for the next level, but don't know if the age factor will cause parents to feel the " Jesus, anther practice!". Honestly, I can't tell which I may get at this point. 3) with the strict rules at this level, should I design an O & D that are designed to take advantage of the rules of this leauge, or prepare for the future by teaching them an offense we may be using in 3-4 years, and take defeats now, while getting them a comfort level with the offense for the years ahead. (I assume I will be coaching my son until he hits high school). Think that's it and look forward to any discussions. Coach Will