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    We like to do obstacle type races, going under hurdles, over high jump pit, baton toss/catch, push-ups, around cones, etc. to break up practices. These are usually relays with exchanges of team members at each end of course. We also have the kids take off their shoes and put them in a pile in middle of the field and separate them into teams of 5-10 and place the team in a large circle around the pile of shoes, 20-30 yards away. One member runs to the pile and finds their shoes, puts them on, and laces them up before sprinting to team to slap hand of next member to go to pile. First team with all of their shoes on wins. Really mix up the shoes and even tie some different ones together for a challenge. Another game is the color hunt. Put a different colored marker under cones that are scattered around the practice field, far apart is better so they have to run. Each team gets a piece of paper with the color order where they will make a mark. Colors must be found in that order on the sheet. Hope this helps!