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  1. Thanks for your response. You're right about this being a tough one. When he is out in the field his mind does wonder alot. Not to the point of picking flowers as in tball but in a lot of games he can be seen turning his hat backwards, or doing spins before the pitch. He never is replaced in the outfield as are the others. He does back up every hit and throw, and plays his position correctly, even prompting the coach to tell him that he was starting every game and wouldn't be taken out. As far as batting, he hits very consistently and bats 6th. He is small for his age and not as developed as the other players yet. I would hate for him to miss a few years of playing just because he wasn't the best player on his team. We are going to a tournament this weekend, I think I am going to tell him that he needs to play this weekend and we can talk about what we will do with the rest of the season after that.
  2. After his game last night, my 8 year old told my wife that no part of baseball was fun and that he wants to quit, but knew I would not let him. It hurt to hear this and I really don't know what to do. He has played 2 years of tball and is in his second year of machine pitch. He is on a very good team that is far better than the other teams in his league and they perform average while travelling to tournaments. The coaches told us at the beginning of the season that they would like to play around 30 games this season and we have played about 15 so far. We practiced for about 3 weeks before the season 2-3 times a week. My son got tired of practicing and asked a few times not to go, but I did always make him go. I think all the kids were burned out of practicing, but after we have started the season we have only had 1 or 2 practices. I know this is a lot of baseball for an eight year old, but I don't feel this is where is dislike is coming from. Of the 11 kids on the team, he is probably the eighth in skills and performance. If he were on another team , I feel he would be one of the better kids on the team and would probably play infield instead of outfield where he mostly plays now. He loves soccer and basketball. His teams were never the top teams, but he always was one of the top players in practice and games. I think it is good for him to be more a part of a team as he is in baseball. I knew going into this season that baseball wasn't his favorite sport and asked him a couple of times if he was sure that he wanted to play. He was always enthusiastic about starting. I don't like the idea of him quitting, but I know it is going to be a long season. Any suggestions or ideas?
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