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  1. Welcome to the world of coaching kids!! Your biggest battle is going to be to keep them focused. I coach two teams ranging in age from 9-16...by far the younger ones are the easiest to coach in terms of keeping them present & motivated. However Riverdog hit the nail on the head...you have Got to keep practice moving and planning your drills, so that no one is just standing around. For example...when I am working on batting and infield with one group...my assistant coach has a group in the outfield hitting pop flies to them. If someone is causing a disruption..they are warned once...the second time they are sent to the dug-out and after a bit, I will go talk to them...the third time, they're running...the fourth time they, their parents, and I are having a conversation. This is not started over at each practice...it is carried forward through the season. Your first year will be the hardest...after my first three practices, I was ready to hang it up...however we hung tough with our rules and the last several years have been a joy. You are the boss and the girls need to know and respect that. They soon learn that if everyone is paying attention, practice can be a fun experience for everyone. Good Luck!!
  2. Help! I am planning end of season fun nights for my two girls softball teams and am trying to find some free downloadable awards certificates that feature GIRLS playing ball on them....everything I've found so far has boys on them. Thanks for your help!!!
  3. This is a little late for you, but it may help you next year with this problem. When I took over coaching my two softball teams, I made it Very clear with a discussion with my players and a note home to the parents.... skipped practices or games without an excuse will result in being benched the next game. Basically I will accept most excuses - as long as the player lets me know. In the case of an emergency or illness...they must let me know why they weren't there by the next practice. Forgetting a practice is Not an acceptable excuse. The girls all have schedules, calendars, and clocks. My first year, I had to make the dreaded phone call to three parents - two of them immediately said... oh no, it's not the childs fault - it's my fault...I forgot they had practice. At which point you need to take a deep breath...count to ten....and calmly explain that No, the player is responsible for remembering practice. This year I had to make one phone call - and the parent was totally supportive and even took off work early to drive the girl to the out of town game - knowing that she was going to be benched...but also knowing that having to sit there and watch her team would ensure that this player never forgot practice again. I have had many parents of the girls who do practice hard and attend every practice and game possible say to me....Thank you for doing this! As a parent, it was very hard for me to explain to my daughters - who went to every practice - why the kids that skipped practice to go to the pool were getting to play an equal amount of time as those who were sweating it out on the field. Good Luck.... hope this helps you in the future!
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