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    Another Year, Another Championship!

    Cool ~ great job!
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    What To Do About Absentee Players

    Even in Pop Warner, where there are minimum play rules, my Father-in-law was able to lay down rules as far as attendance for about the same age group that you are working with. He did this in the parent meeting at the beginning of each year. The rules were very specific as far as number of missed practices (excused and unexcused) and the consequence that is enforced for the different situations. He rarely had a problem ~ when he did, he enforced the rules he set.
  3. Also take time to learn that the "squish the bug" technique is not the only major hitting technique in softball. If the other players are learning the other method ~ parents may be upset with you trying to change their child's hitting technique. I am with you that they should not be using the high elbow technique, but "squish the bug" isn't the only way. I agree with the others about the parent meeting. Maybe even let the parents know that if they want to come out on the field and help, they are welcome to providing they are going to run drills in the manner you have already laid out for that practice. Hold your ground on the tee work ~ that is one of THE best tools out there. Even at the high school and college level it's very important. I wish you the best on your season. Coaching is not easy ~ hopefully, the players have fun and continue to improve. As a parent, what more can you ask for at that age?