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  1. As a parent, what would be the best approach to talk to a head coach who does not appear to be developing all the kids on his team? We have 5-6 outstanding talents, 3-4 potentially talented, and 3-4 "baseball challenged" kids on the team. The 5-6 talents play pitcher, catcher, 1st base, SS, 3rd in some rotation, they play all game long, they bat in the 1st spots in the lineup, etc. Obviously, the other kids, even in practice get relegated to outfield work with a few exceptions, they bat last (meaning some game they only get 1 at bat). Several of them would like to try pitching, catching etc. but that doesn't appear to be working. Even in a meaningless scrimmage, the same rotation took place. These other boys don't seem to be devloping in a rec evironment. Is this just common practice? How, as a parent, w/o making it seem that I just want my kid to play SS address this issue? Thanks for any help
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