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  1. Well Doug, I have coached my son and his team has won the championship 2 of the last 3 years. I even for your convenience attached a photo of him the night he received the trophy at the baseball banquet. I guess you were wrong but I do know why your not on the sidelines. Oh, and no parent asked me why it's all about my son as that was not the intention and never was. I have been around baseball as an umpire, a parent and now a coach. There has never been a season when at least one (usually more) parents complain about the coaching, about the umpiring, about playing time, etc. My response has been and always will be "if you can do a better job here you go" You know the funny thing........not one person has ever taking me up on that offer? I wonder why. Stick to the sidelines yourself pal.
  2. Hi, I have coached my son who is 7 1/2 now the past 2 years in T ball and had a blast. Next year he is moving to "A" ball and will be 8 playing with 8-9 year olds and I have been selected to be a coach of his team. I know the fundamentals of the game quite well and it gets more competitive/serious with boys pitching and playing the 3 outs vs "everyone hits the ball" and the simple rules that are in T-Ball. A few questions, how often should practices be conducted in A ball. Is the goal to play all the kids or is it typical to let the "better" kids play the infield, pitch, bat in the tops spots etc. My son out of 11 kids in T-ball was probably the 3rd best, he lacks in speed, however has a very accurate arm and wants to pitch. His hitting was good and I intend to work with him alot between now and the start of the next season. Also, the question when other parents complain about their kids not playing enough, I have little tolerance for parents becoming involved, since this is all volunteers and we never have enough volunteers, the typical response is "well, next year maybe you should consider becoming a coach of your son and then you can run the show" and that seems to shut obnoxious parents up
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