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  1. You will probably have the best luck with facebook. Most parents are already using it so they won't have to try to navigate another side. All you have to do is create a group that can be named your team name. Just give the parents the name of the group and they can request to join. Once joined they can share all the videos/pictures they like.. and it will also give them the option to share others pictures on their own timeline. We've used it to great success this season.
  2. So we played our first league game of the year yesterday and won by a touchdown. Offensively our one stand out player is really hard for any team to stop so we did well. However, we are struggling to encorporate any other offensive players to be successful. One kid ran decently well and caught a few passes so he is getting better. My son ran the ball once for a first down but then somehow convinced himself he wasn't any good and refused to run the ball again. It continues to be a work in progress. My son is extremely athletic and very fast but I haven't found a way to get him to be aggressive. Maybe it will come with and I won't be that dad who pushes his 5 year old to do more then he can at his age. Defensively: They scored on us everytime but once. I made a few adjsustments on one series and put our best d player on right defensive end and he got in the back field and got a flag 3 plays in a row to force a punt. However, every other series they eventually ran around one of my OLB, got to the outside, and off to the races. The strong point to yesterdays game is one of our players emerged as a good flag puller and made 3-4 stops at left defensive end. The weak point is pretty much everyone else. I can't get my OLD to contain at all... and the other defensive players chase but don't engage. Realistically I have two maybe 3 on defense who successfully pull flags. I am going to work a lot of flag pulling drills our first practice this week to see if I can't develop a few more players into better flag pullers and also work on getting my OLB to not let the runner get outide of them.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I suppose its possible that the level of talent I am expecting is skewed a bit by our first jamboree game. We played a team of all 6 year olds and they certainly didn't run the wrong way. They were very well coached, but ended up only losing by 1 point suprisingly. I am definitely not looking to see them lined up perfectly in gaps of a 4-3-1 or 4-4.. however, I literally am spending all my time moving kids around. I don't even have time to really pay attention to what the offense is doing most of the time. We had a second coach on the field with me last game but I am going to instruct him/her that I need more help with aligning and making sure I communicate what I want. I don't care if we win. I just want my kids to start learning about football and to have a good time while doing it.
  4. Hey all, Here looking for some more possible suggestions. New coach a little lose in some areas on defense. I know football, but not much about flag football. Rules: QB/RB/WR can run the ball Passing allowed anytime Defense can blitz immediately, line up 2 yards in front of the ball. I am thinking I should either run a 4-3-1 or 4-4. I have seen teams passing the ball successfully.. suprisingly at this age, so there is that fear there, but it isn't great. Personnel wise I have 1 stand out player who is really good at flag fulling. I have 4 other who are certainly above average, and the rest are new/struggling at times. So my question is this: Where would you place the best player, and the 3 other above average? Conventional football wisdom would indicate that he play MLB.. however I have had other coaches tell me that a really fast kid on the line can be very disruptive. My initial thoughts were to have the two best kids play Defensive End, the next two play OLB (so hopefully no corners turned) and put the other one at MLB. or Do you think the best kid should play MLB? Thanks ahead of time.
  5. Hey all, I am new to the forum and already appreciate all the information that is readily available. It is refreshing to know I have a resource to assist me as a new flag football coach. I have already read several posts, especially the 5-7 year old post about them being kids. However, my specific problem is getting kids to line up in their correct positions. We've played one scrimmage and one real game thus far. During both of those games we did well but had one very consistent problem. I literally had to show 6-7 of the 8 kids where to line up on offense and defense. We go over this in practice but I have a very young team (5 of my 10 are 4 year olds). We have 25 seconds from the time the ref sets the ball and I found myself using that entire time just trying to get my kids lined up correctly. It consumed me during the game and I was wore out from it afterward. I am convinced that we can be a pretty good team but teaching them to line up quickly would be a huge plus. Obviously at their age I am not expecting them to be lined up in mere seconds, but anything would be better than what it is now. Any suggestions/tips? I will continue to go over old threads in case I missed it the first go around. It isn't my intention to beat a dead horse. Thanks for any assistance!
  6. Hey all, I am a newbie to coaching flag football or any sport at all. My son is now playing 4-6 8 v 8 flag football and I've decided to help assistant coach. So far we've played one game and done well and I truly enjoyed it. I think I enjoy it almost as much as my 5 year old does. It is a bit overwhelming dealing with attention spans but still worth it. Looking forward to reading all types of advice/suggestions.
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