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    7-10 Year Old Girls Softball

    I would also suggest Jennifer McFalls "Practice Planner" by Sports Traing Systems. We have used it for a few years now and it is awesome. You can buy it at most sport stores like Acadamey. Go to this web site and take a look at it. www.stsplanner.com Good Luck !
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    Dealing With Negative Parents

    I understand completly what you are going through. At the begining of every year I have a team meeting with the parents. At this meeting I go over all of my expectations of the players and the parents. At the end of the meeting I give the parents a letter basicly going over what I just told them. This letter is to be signed by the parent and the player and returned back to me. So far after doing this I have had very little problems with the parents because they now know what is expected of there child and themselves and what will happen if they do become a problem for the team. Good Luck