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    Equal Playing Time

    Charlie - thanks for the reply. That is a similar approach that I have been using - the kids do not like when they are sitting out, however it is a must when you have this many kids. It has also been suggested to me also to try and sub 2 at a time more frequently - that way they end up playing close to the same amount of time but don't sit on the bench quite as long although this involves more work keeping track of everyone's playing time. I may give this a try during this week's game... Thanks, again! Brian ************************ Get a no-cost laptop here ************************
  2. manute42

    Equal Playing Time

    Hello - I am coaching a 5th grade boys bball team. Our league rules state that we must play everyone equal time. We started the season with 10 players - that made for easy substitutions (5 in, 5 out). We just picked up an extra player, giving us 11. Does anyone have any suggestions for substitution "methods" for an 11 man roster with equal playing time? We are currently running 20 minute halves - I tried doing 5 in, 5 out with one extra staying on the bench every 4 minuts or so - this worked okay, however I am looking for some other suggestions. Thanks! --------------------- free Laptop