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  1. my 8 year old son is a pitcher that throws pretty hard from the distance that he pitches from. i made a weight ball with the tennis ball and pennies and i was wondering if it would affect his control or do any damage to his arm if i let him warm up with the weighted ball, and would it help him throw harder if it he does warm up with it?
  2. i was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's neccesary to put my 8 year old son in aau baseball. he has been playing baseball for about three years now, and he's pretty good (not the best though) for the league he plays in (dixie). So i was wondering if it makes a big difference if i was to put him in aau. also im the only coach he's ever played for so im kind of nervous about putting him to play for someone else at a young age, becuase i feel im the best coach for him at this point in time, (does that sound selfish). so again i wonder what is the benifits of an eight year old kid with decent skills to play aau. any input would be appreciated. thank you for being there for us coaches who need other coaches to make good decisions.
  3. sunagod

    Getting Sponsors

    my league wants us to get sponsors for them, but when we get a sponsor for our team the league only gives us like 20%. I think the team should get more back for equipment, trophies, our team banquet, etc... , Is it a good idea to rather than getting the sponsorship for the league to get it for just our team, and if so does anyone know how to go about approaching a sponsor, like how to write a good letter etc...?
  4. i was curious if anyone has any advice on what's a good age to start teaching pitching fundamentals.. my son just just turned 7 last week and he's really interested in pitching, what if any should be some things i should teach him, i know one thing at that age is not trying to throw any breaking pitches just straight balls, but are there any other drills or techniques that i should show him or shouold i wait until he gets older?? thanks in advance for any replies
  5. sunagod


    well we finally did it, we got our first win of the season. we did just about everything pretty good and won the game 17-4. i had the umpire from the last game (the one who made the bad call) on the two balls that were high, and he comes up to me before the game and says to me that he did get it wrong and that the balls were high, for what that's worth i don't know but that would've been two wins for us. It's ashame when an umpire has to ruin a game on bad calls that weren't close. It turns out this umpire is Walt Weiss's father, the old oakland and atlanta braves shortstop. well i feel much better now getting that first one out the way, thanks again for the replies.
  6. sunagod

    Getting Frustrated

    well another game on the down side, this time 10-9 another one run game, we really played kind of a bad game and in the end found ourselves close, we had bases loaded with the tying run on third. there pitchers were not throwing many strikes at all. we have our smallest player at the plate (witch so happens to be my son). the pitcher threw one strike right down the middle, called strike. second pitch ball. next two pitches were high i mean like a little above the batters head and the umpire calls both of them strikes, i mean the second one wasn't even close. i reall felt bad for the kids especially my son becuase after he was called out on strikes he walked off the field crying, and that kinda hurt my feelings but i told him he did the right thing, the ball wasn't in his zone and he didn't swing this is really getting frustrated because were now 0-3, and haven't lost a game by more than two runs. i know as a coach that you'll go through bad calls by umpires and off days by your team, and so on but it seems like there all happening one after another. our defense was a little bad and our bats were quiet tonight, i might even be to blame, i was wondering if i should through my pitches just a tad harder because it seems like my players most of them are way out in front of the pitches it's getting pretty hard to hide my frustration around the kids but my competitive nature, and the want to win so bad just gets in the way of the coach side. i mean i've been playing baseball since i was eight played in high school, and a year on the college level, so i know i could make it as a good coach, becuase i know allot about the sport. one question in your opinion how do i address the 6-8 year old team after games, i mean do i just tell it like it is if they had a bad game tell them, or do i kinda "sugar coat" it and just tell them good game and we'll try harder next time. well next practice thursday and we'll try to get that first win on saturday. wish me luck, cause right now it seems like thats what im going to need. thanks again for being here for me to let off a little frustration. i feel a little better. oh, and one more question is it propper to argue, or challenge, or disagree, to the umpire about a "bad call"
  7. sunagod

    Tough Loss

    thank you to MR. Slogar for all your help so far. well we played the power hitting team, and it was the best game i've ever been a part of. we jumped out to a 10-3 lead on them they came back and tied it at 10. we went back and forth for the whole game and finally we went into the last inning with a 15-10 lead. my new pitcher walked a couple of batters, but we still had two outs and a slow roller was hit to my back up first baseman and he bobbled it and the runner was safe. at that time the score was 15-14, next batter got up and hit a double and they won the game 16-15. it was a great game we played against the best team in the league and it was VERY tough to swallow that one. after the game even the other coach came over to congradulate us and he even said he thought we deserved to win that game. so while i was one out from my first coaching victory i had to settle for a tough loss, and even though were 0-2 i now believe were one of the top teams in the league after that game. so i guess if i had a question to ask is should i be dissapointed from coming so close and not coming out on top, or happy that we were so close to the top team in the league?
  8. well i managed my first game and we lost 7-5. we were winning 4-1 when they came back and took the lead 5-4, we then tied it again at 5. i bought my pitcher in and he walked in two runs and we lost the game. though we lost i feel pretty good, for the most part my team hit the ball well, (i actualy believe we were a better team then they were.) we made a few baserunning errors that probably cost us a few runs. so next we play one of the best teams in the league and they hit the ball VERY well, maybe slightly better than us. my question is should i try and really work hard on finding a way to defense this team or focus more on offense and just try to match them scoring runs and just see who "outslugs" who. i would like to avoid starting the season o-2, only because i know we have a good team. any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  9. sunagod

    My League "draft"

    ok the league had the kids tryout (6-8) year olds. we had originally 10 managers watch the tryouts and even up till the tryouts the league was still letting people sign up, therefor they needed to add two more managers for two more teams. anyways we sat there for about 5 hours watching all these players try out. after the tryouts we go to pick our draft order and at that time were informed that there were two more managers added and that since the league asked them to be managers and they didn't attend tryouts that they would be given three players apiece to "get them started". going into the draft a few days later i had all the players ranked were i wanted them. as soon as i walk in the room i saw 6 of the seven that i wanted on the bored already picked, and this being my first draft my whole gameplan was out the door. luckely i guess.. i was able to get the second overall pick..well after the draft was picked apart, and i was able to get one of the players i really wanted. so from there i finished the draft and ended up with the one kid i drafted the one i protected and the rest of the kids were pretty much inexperienced. half of them can hit decent, but the fielding i can see now is going to be our demise, unless of course this "rookie manager" can work a miracle and whip these kids into shape in a month for the season. so i guess the morale of the story is, is this fair or unfair.
  10. sunagod

    Field Positioning

    i just wanted to say first that this is a great way to help coaches and managers, especially new managers such as myself. i ran my first practice the other day and it went perfect, it lasted just a little longer than i wanted it to but i still got everything accomplished, it's hard craming everything in with just an hour and a half practice time. well my question today is is there a formula or a way you go about as far as placing certain players at certain positions in the field. i manage a team of 6-8 year old kids and from what ive learned so far most of them can hit but im not sure how to position them in the field as far as best fielders at what position and so forth, and or any specific infield drills to help improve fielding. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance ]
  11. sunagod

    How Often Should 6-8 Year Olds Practice

  12. hi, i am a new coach for a team of 6-8 year olds, i was wondering how many times a week should i hold practices, before the season starts, and does that change once the season does start