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  1. Y-coach Forum Is Back Up And Operational

    I believe as the newest member of the MB family, I am most appreciative that it is up and running also. I was just telling my wife that I have sort of linked up with some Christian Brothers I believe that have the same interest and I guess calling as I have in Coaching Youth Sports. Thanks Guy's!!!
  2. Blocking Assignments

    Thank you coach for responding to the message board. I simply pointing out the mere fact that children who are young in age generally don't understand the concept of processing information well, and that getting their attention in the 68% frame for your new college blocking assignments would be a big plus. I have dealt with new programs for the better part of 20 years and have come to one infallible fact, ... all the knowledge in the world means nothing, ... if you can't get the listener to retain any of it!!! I'm glad that you are the HC again because it sounds like you are a very good coach in the success you've attained with all of those victories. Great Job, Good Luck in the new blocking Dave
  3. Dealing With A Difficult Coaching Situation

    Hey, is this coach the president of the League? If not, then put him out of the league for his style of serving the children in a volunteer capacity is very dangerous. Because the children are just (8) eight years old, they generally don't have a voice, so you as the sane adult must protect "CHILDREN" from monsters like this. Good Luck
  4. Being Agressive Is The Batter's Box

    Hello Sir: First off I would like to tell you that your son being (8) eight years of age and making it to the All-Star team is a tremendous accomplishment in it's entirety!!! Sir, at times, and I am not in no way suggesting that this is you, that there are people that are in your circle of life, and surrounding person's who has a tendancy to influence the descision making situation for your (8) eight year old son of what may seem an UN-REALISTIC EXPECTATION(S) for an (8) eight year old child in the thoughtless act of MANIPULATION!!! For example: 1. "He did so good during the season, we should be so fortunate to have him on this All-Star team" PROBLEM: now the (8) eight year old child must give the best performance of his life because he was put on the All-Star team, when they could have gotten someone else. 2. "We are really depending on his bat for this All-Star team" PROBLEM: being in the All-Stars is pressure to a child, like an adult finding out He/She will be fired from their job if they don't step up their game. How ever will they pay the rent/mortgage, bills, etc. you get my meaning don't you!!! 3. "Hey Dad, your son is just standing up there at the plate? why is he taking all the walk's, when we need his thundering bat we saw all season"? PROBLEM: UN-REALISTIC EXPECTATION(S) of MANIPULATION from adults who are so competative, that they are totally oblivious to the Psycological Vice Grip on your (8) eight year old's (emotions, mentally, physically, and spiritually) So Sir, this is just a few of the many aspects of people controlling the outcome of a child!!! If you love him... Save your son from these people before it's to late!!! Good Luck
  5. Field Positioning

    Coach Gary has tremendously out did himself in explaining the resposibilities of the various positions. I would like to add to that simply in the area of TECHNIQUE & FUNDAMENTALS at the very begining of your practices. 1. Developement excersizes are vital in throwing and catching 2. If you have a staff, let them work on the stronger more skilled players, while you take the weaker ones and develope their weakness. This will also allow you to have depth on your bench. If you don't have a staff, then find the most skillful player who is a leader that you can trust, and have this player role play the position of assistant coach, being careful that they are not dictative to the players while you work the one's that need the most help. 3. At this age, you will have to make it known that the baseball is very sore if you are hit with it, so the importance to retain information of how to stay safe is vital. Remember Coach, although defenses win championships, unfortunately this is not football, soccer, or basketball. You are coaching youth league baseball and some time and effort will have to be taken into consideration in the developement of your offensive game. Thank you for being their for the kid's. Great Job, and Good Luck!
  6. Blocking Assignments

    Hey Coach, for the ages of grade schoolers, it is a proven Clinical Psychological fact that children at this age will retain 30% of information to SATISFY their TEACHER(s). 68% of them retain information on the basis of WANT. And the other 2% retain based on their NEED because at this age, the child(ren) don't really know until time is taken to educate them the importance of understanding differences of SATISFACTION, WANT, & NEED. Unless you are privilaged with a lot of time to work on this, and still teach Football, it is highly unrealistic to teach a blocking diagram for them if 30% went to this!, and 68% went to that!, and 2% went to them!, now guess what? you have 0% to try and squeeze in your new blocking information!!! Hmmmmmm!!! The question I have for you is this; why after winning so many championships with what you had, would you even consider changing it? I mean, why fix it ... or change it, if it ain't broken! Middle Schoolers may handle the learning, but remember the percentages. Great Job, and Good Luck!
  7. Kid In Need Of Help

    Look Son, Coach Steve, and Coach Slogart have given you the best advise you could possibly get!!! And that was this, make absolutely sure that you first understand that your participation on your Football Team is a privilage... because it could be worse if you didn't make the team at all. Second, you should build your communication skill's a little and share with your team mates the profound experience you have in building a so called play book for their sucess since they suck so bad, and see how they really feel about what you think about them. Shrewed I know this may sound to you, but this is what we call back home "Cleansing of the Soul" for someone who think's they know everything, and that they can do no wrong!!! Young Man, "To be a Leader, you must first learn how to Follow"