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  1. Jack, Having a similar problem. I am using this technique. I have a new team that is mostly first time players. It seems to me that most are just intimated to block. Is this common? Any advice on overcoming this problem?
  2. I have a rule that if a parent wants their child to play in the game then they have to attend practice.
  3. I play a team this week that runs the fillowing play. We play eight man football. The qb fakes to the rb and keeps the ball going either to the fb side or the weakside. We play 4 defensive lineman, 2 corners, and 2 inside line backers. My defensive line has the following base assignments. Dt's attack through A gaps, de's attack outside shoulders of offensive tackles and contain. My inside line backers have b gaps and flow to ball on outside plays. my corners contain the outside. How would you adjust your d-line against this formation? What is the best way to defend against this play? In addition they occasionaly give the ball to the hb whom runs of tackle to the strong side. --------------------------------------rb----- ---------------------------fb---------qb -----------------------------rt---rg---c---lg---lt ---------------------------de-----dt-----dt------de -------------------lc-----------------------------------rc --------------------------------lb-----------lb--
  4. We play eight man football. I will give you an example of a play that a team I play this week runs. I will explain the play and how I plan to stop it. I am looking for opinions. The Play: The quarterback turns and fakes a deep handoff to rb. rb pretends to dive through the middle. wb flys across the backfield and takes the handoff deep (where rb initially starts) and sweeps around left side of the offense. or the qb keeps the ball and sweeps around the right side of the defense. Stopping the play: To stop this play I will have my (rc) right corner contain the outside. my right defensive end (rde) will attack the the left shoulder of the left tackle and get into the back field. the defensive tackles will attack through the b gaps (between the offensive guards and tackles) and penetrate into the back field. the left defensive end will attack the outside of the right tackle and make charge directly at qb. my left corner will hold his ground looking for the qb keeper. my right side linebacker (rlb) will go directly after (wb) after he comes across for the handoff. My leftside linebacker will move to the middle of the field until he is sure whether wb has the ball or the qb keeps it and then pursue. ----------------------------rb ----wb--------------------qb ------------------rt---rg---c---lg---lt ----lc-----------lde--dt------dt-----rde-------rc ---------------------llb----------rlb---- What would you do?
  5. How do these plays work? Can you give an example?
  6. Thanks Slogar1, I like this look. --------------LB-----LB--------LB------LB --------------DE-----DT-------DT-----DE -----------------E----T----C----T----E My LB's are strong.
  7. Thanks Sloglar1 I look forward to your reply.
  8. I coach youth football 7-9 year olds. I don't anticipate seeing to much of the wishbone. Would you suggest a different base scheme or should I have the Defensive ends charge the b gap against the I formation?
  9. I am considering having my d-line line up as shown below vs a basic 5 man offensive alignment. I coach 8 man tackle football. As a rule you arent allowed to line up directly over center. ----------------lb----------lb -----cb------------------------------cb -----------de----dt------dt----de ------------t------g--c---g-----t My defensive tackles will charge the a gaps. My defensive ends will pinch from the out side, attacking the outside shoulder of the offensive tackles, keeping their outside arm free to grab at rb or qb. My linebackers first responsibility will be the b gaps and my corners have contain against the run. Does this sound like a good base d-line scheme?
  10. Wait, so I guess you could pull both guards in the above example! Right?
  11. I see a problem using down blocking with the left guard pulling here though against this alignment running toss right: ----------------------------ilb------lolb------cb ---------e-----dt-------dt-------e ----------t---g---c---g-----t--te -----------------qb -----------------hb If the right guard, right tacke, and tight end block down (away to the left?) I know I am picking this stuff apart but if I don't know how to handle it, I can't teach the kids how to.
  12. O.K., So I should teach them to block down on an angle away from the playside and pull a guard or tackle? How hard is it to teach the pull? Would you ever use the center to pull or will that trip up the QB? How many plays do you advise I teach at this level (7-9 years old)?
  13. Thanks for all the information and points of view. You guys have definitely helped me to understand the different blocking schemes and options much better. I will first continue to teach the kids base blocking. Once I feel they have a good understanding of it I will teach them another method such as s.a.b.. Since the league rule leaves the center uncovered I may use him to block the away DT and have the guard thats over that DT pull and block play side. Currently I have drawn up a playbook with 12 running plays and 5 pass plays. I will take each play and run it against different defensive looks in practice. By doing so I can probably add some specific blocking assignments when they see a particular look and if it is an unfamiliar look, just have them base block. Should I reduce the amount of plays I have? I am starting to think I have too many.
  14. Thanks again coach steve. Would base blocking be considered something like teaching the inside, over, out rule? And for a better undurstanding of that rule lets say you are running right of the center between the center and right guard. If there is a defender directly to the centers left, on an inside shade to the left offensive guard and a defender to the centers right, on an inside shade to the right offensive guard who would block who using this rule? --X-----X G----C---- G
  15. Thanks for the reply coach steve. I am trying to come up with a simple blocking scheme for 7-9 year olds. We play eight man football and the rules say the defense can have only 4 men on the line of scrimmage and no defender may line up directly over center. The offense can have five on the line, no more no less. Do you think at this age it is possible to teach a couple different schemes? What other types of schemes are suggested and how do they work? I have coached flag for about 5 years with great success but I am new to coaching tackle. I assisted on a tackle team last year but the coach was a first year guy and he neglected the basics.
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