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    Base Foot Placement

    Hello to All. I am a first time coach (6-7 yr. olds girls softball) and I purchased lots of videos and books on coaching baseball and softball which have helped me grealty but none of the stuff i purchased mentioned the proper foot placement for the infielders who cover the bases. I want to teach my kids correctly. For example if my second basemen is receiving the throw from the SS should they have their foot on the pitching side of the base or the outfield side,etc.? Is there someone who can help me with this or recommend where to purchase the information on this? Thanks For You Help.
  2. blownonfuel

    Ball Question?

    I agree Coach. I spoke with the president of the local league here and they are going to discuss the matter at this weeks board meeting, I hope they make a change. Thanks
  3. blownonfuel

    Ball Question?

    Yeah Coach, when I found out about an "allstar" team I was surprised. I don't know whats going on to tell you the truth since this is my first year coaching. I guess we will see what happens. Thanks
  4. blownonfuel

    Ball Question?

    Thanks Coach for your help. The answer I got from the league did not make me feel any better, like you said, they are geared around allstars and tournaments so that dictates the ball we use. This is my first year coaching T-Ball and I would hate to lose kids because they get hit by a "tournament" ball and never play again. I'm going to speak with the league and see if we can at least change it for the beginner levels. Sorry to hear about all your hard work going down the tubes, what ever happened with it's all about the kids? Thanks Again.
  5. blownonfuel

    Ball Question?

    Hello All. I am coaching a Shetland Pony girl's team (6 yr. olds) and received the "hard" softballs when I was given my equipment, these same balls will be used during the games. I thought all the beginner levels (T-Ball) used the softer versions since these kids are not that skilled yet? I spoke to one of our league reps and they said that's what they use in the allstars so they want them using them during the season.Does this sound correct or should we be using the "softer" versions? Thanks for helping a newbie.
  6. blownonfuel

    Coaching Videos And Books, Which Ones To Buy?

    Thank You Both. I'll start looking for the info. Thanks Again.
  7. Hello to All. I will be coaching my daughters team (6-7 yrs. olds softball) and don't have any coaching experience. I asked the other dads and moms but none of them wanted to coach so I volunteered. Can anyone please recommend any books or videos to buy that will help me? None of the girls have ever played before so I want to make sure sure I teach correct technique to start with. I need all the help I can get. Thanks