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  1. I'm a first year coach who needs some plays for my 6-8 year old 7 on 7 flag football team. The simpler the better cause most of team are first year players. And any other help to make this year fun and run smoother on the players and coaches would be appreciated.
  2. I need some help, my team plays on Sat. & only practice 1 hour a week. I know not much practice at all but thats all each team gets. So my question is with so little practice time what should be the best things to practice on. Should I try to work some plays? Is there any website to help me with practices, like what order to work on things? And by the way I normally coach football and baseball and played both but did not play basketball.
  3. teamjville

    Baseball Uniforms

    Maybe a dumb question. I am coaching small fry baseball and trying to figure out which uniform to use. as of right now, we are navy blue shirts & gray pants. My question is... Wear can you buy the pants that come down only to knees? And what do you call this type?