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  1. Anyone have any ideas or drills on how to help kids from pulling their foot when they swing? We have couple of kids on our Little League team that does it....Back in the day what our coaches used to do was to put a couple of bats on the ground behind us so that if we pulled our foot then we fell....But their is no way I would do that know..For one it is kinda dangerous if a kid falls the wrong way he could be hurt and a LOT has changed since I played Little League...Any help would be great..Our first game is less than 3 weeks away and I need help. Thanks
  2. bamamike

    Help With Strength For 10 Year Old Son

    Thanks for the info...I am thinking maybe he just needs to devold naturally...He has told me he wants to lift weights and I told him absoulety NOT..he was way too young...just keep doing the pushups and situps and hopefully his body will mature the nerf ballsa re a great idea though. As far as doing other sports he played Pop Warner football this year and also joined the middle school wresltling team near the end of the year...So he does all the sports and he LOVES them.... Michael
  3. Hey coaches I need some help with building strength in my 10 year old son for baseball. He weighs about 85 lbs and is around 4'6...He is not skinny he is solid but for some reason he is not very strong and has no upper body strength. He struggles with pushups and situps. He is a decent contact hitter and he has a eagle eye at the plate....but he has no POP in his bat so to speak...Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Michael