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    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    Coach We'll keep trying. It's not working yet. sometimes her throws are bullets right at the target. About 1/3 of the time her throwas are still way off. The foot seems to be planted correctly.
  2. ediman

    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    CoachH Are you saying she should throw when she steps and turns her right foot or are you saying step and turn the right foot and then step with the left foot as she throws?
  3. ediman

    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    I can't figure out why my daughter does not throw straight 40% of the time. We make sure her glove shoulder is pointing directly at the target right up until she releases the ball. She is 11 and has has a good arm. When she misses the target about 60 feet away, the ball goes about 10 feet from the target. Any ideas?