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    Learning Fastpitch

    My daughter is 9 as well - what a wonderful age! I don't think you should be too concerned about her accuracy at this point - that will come with the more she does it. The main concern for a variety of reasons is that she has proper mechanics. If that is in place then obviously the concern for injury is lessened. She will become more accurate as her strength improves and through repetition. Good Luck!
  2. CoachH

    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    Maybe I didn't explain it well - I apologize. Just do this - Go out in the backyard and play catch with your daughter - Have her face you as you face her. Tell her to step and throw. What you want her to do is to step toward you with her right foot - only to turn her foot outward - point the toe away from her body - perpindicular to her - plant it - step through with the left foot and throw. When she steps with the left foot her front shoulder (left shoulder) is going to turn and align properly with the target (it's a closed front shoulder). This is important in the alignment of the throw and the footwork create this proper alignment of the front side. Upon planting the left foot and throwing - she can go ahed and follow through by bring the back hip (right hip) through her throw as her arm follows through towards the ground naturally. Sequence with the feet: Right foot plant (perpindicular), left foot plant (creates a closed front side), right hip/foot follow through on the throw. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. And also I'd like to know if this improves her accuracy.
  3. CoachH

    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    Most throwing problems in regard to accuracy can be found in the thrower's footwork. Have your daughter (guessing she's right handed) step with her right foot - turning it out - perpindicular to her body - which will turn the front shoulder properly as she steps through with the back leg to throw. Leading with the glove hand can be counterproductive - the glove hand can wander off target causing the throw to follow. I have seen it taught to point the led elbow - keeping the glove tucked - this method seems to work well for some kids. My guess is - check out her feet and make sure she's stepping correctly. Hope this helps.
  4. CoachH

    Fastpitch Coaching Help

    If you're looking for a resource that will help you better coach your daughter or team then please take a look at the new e-Book, Coaching Fastpitch Softball: Championship Drills, Tips, and Insights. You can find information about it at: www.championshipfastpitch.com Best of luck and let me know if you have questions. Sincerely, Coach Hardin thecoachinglife@hotmail.com