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  1. Tip # 1, get a few batting tees then find a college softball player to help with some batting drills. I've learned that skipping the fundimentals creates problems down the road. 1. Stance 2. Hand position 3. Choke up on the bat have the batter hitting off the T staning only on her back foot. 4. Put a broom stick behind the back and in the crook of the elbow, and have them twist and hit a ball off the T 5. 2 T's on 4 feet infront of the other each with a ball, have them swing and hit the first ball into the second ball. 6. Put but of bat on belly button touch wall or fence with tip of bat have them swing without hitting the wall. C
  2. Sounds like forward progress, not sure how it works for you but we have an equivalent called a the WNY Invitational, just making it is pretty impressive. First season I coached the girls we made it and were eliminated in the first round, 2d year made it to the quarterfinals, 3d year lost by 1 point in the finals...buzzer beater bounced left instead of right. In all three cases the girls were bummed, there were tears and gnashing of teeth. I talked to them after each elimination and pointed out that only 30 teams out of 70+ even get invited and there are teams that have never been invited so hold your heads up and use the experience to grow! On the running up of scores, there are a couple schools that like to pile it on, each on of those schools was subjected to some very motivated girls who wanted a little payback, was interesting watching those coaches deal with being on the recieving end. C
  3. Nice, getting chastised by the yr old. I usually work out a deal with the other coach I correct his daughter and he corrects mine, saves alot of drama.
  4. Gotta chuckle I've always coached girls, first year with the new team I made the mistake of singling one out for doing some minor thing incorrectly, tears, her Mom who is a friend said she wants to quit because she 'sucks. A couple seasons later I'm coaching the school fastpitch team with a dad who has only coached boys, he starts yelling at the girls as I chuckle knowing what is about to happen. After about 5 minutes the girls just tuned him out, he looks at me for help...I explain the difference between coaching boys and girls, he looks at me and says that's where my wife gets it from
  5. Hubris?? What an idiot.... DALLAS (AP)—The coach of a Texas high school basketball team that beat another team 100-0 was fired Sunday, the same day he sent an e-mail to a newspaper saying he will not apologize “for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.” C
  6. Here is an excerpt our director put out to all the coaches after the last lopsided win was recorded. "I'm asking that your teams play hard, play to win but coach with some compassion and not at all costs to crush a much weaker team. Winning by 15 or by one counts the same as winning by 50 and you avoid the damage to your school's reputation. Just remember, deep down, these are all still little girls and this may be their last chance to play sports in a school uniform. Try to make it a positive experience for your team as well as your opponents. "
  7. Couple things, in our league the coach had to stay on his side of the scoring table, a warning would be issued by the ref, 2d time would be a technical, 3d he's out of the game. If they are playing that close, keep the passing fast and accurate, but wait until the defender get close enough have the passer pic and you might have a lane open use his weekness against him. I had the luxury of sending my daughter ("the worm") the more agressive defenders away from my ball handlers she could keep 2 girls occupied while my guards ran rampant in 4-3 situations.
  8. Looks like it's a little out of control
  9. Hate screaming coaches, never found a good way to shut them out other than a ref who gets sick of listening, might be an idea to drop an email to the head official. Had a girl once block a shot, I swear she aimed the volleyball like spike right at the other coach's head, sort of shut him up for a few minutes.
  10. Unbelieveable, my feeling is the winning team should forfiet the entire season. http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/highscho...ory/557610.html C
  11. Definetly sounds like you guys are moving forward! Good Job!
  12. Good Luck, You are doing more than coaching a TEAM, you are the adult they all look upto, the adult who brings structure to their lives for a few hours a week, the adult who demands that they stay with it and gives their best. Hold your head up, I've never met you but have a sense of honor and community everytime I read your posts. Sounds like morale is down, they expect to get whooped, but they show up to each game willing to play for you! Next season you might have a head start focus on passing, spend as long as it takes to get them to your standards them move to dribbling same deal! c
  13. Stick with it, they will buy into it soon enough! One thing to watch is your courtside body language, my kids pick up on it quick. From my experience with troops if their motivation comes from fearing the leader, they are quicker to shut down and crawl into a shell, however if their motivation comes from mutual respect, they are more likely to fight their way out of a slump and suprise you. I've seen all sorts of coaches screamers, pouters but the ones I find the most challenginging to play against are those that keep a level head, have motivated athletes and think three plays ahead of me. C
  14. Sounds like progress, I found that my teams responded well to disiplined coaching, not crazy like some guys I've seem but a good structure at practice and solid ground rules during game time. Had a 6ft 8th grader that I had to bench once in a while and put a 6th grader in her place, she responded by going nuts on the court blocking shots, great passing and a new attitude. 7-8 points isn't bad, you should chart your score differentials on a spreadsheet, make a nice chart and show them the progression from 10 basket losses to 3 baskets. How are the drills going? C
  15. One last thought, make sure you as a coach isn't afraid to change it up during a game. Had an opposing coach in a playoff game go man to man on me, we beat him earlier in the season using a very agressive man to man press, it was relentless and punishing. So we meet up in the playoff, I like the guy very smart coach, but he made a huge mistake he decided to use the same game plan I used, bad news is he only had 2 girls on the bench as opposed to my 6. I pulled the girls in and let them know they would be running all out this game and subs would be hockey style every 45 to 60 seconds a sub was kneeling by the bench. He lasted about 3/4 of the game then his girls hit the wall and we were still tearing around like lunatics. What he should have done is change to a switch to a zone or triangle as soon as he saw what I was doing, he may have won the game. I ran into him this year and we shared a chuckle about that game, he did say he figured out what I was upto but failed to act because he felt it was better to stick to his original plan. C
  16. Thats for sure, relating real word experiences has always grounded my teams and taken the unneeded pressure off them. I've had a few 0-13 seasons, but I have always let the girls know that it's a game, even @ 0-13 if you have improved your skills then we are winners, if you work hard enough at the basics you win games, you win a game or 2 you start believing you can win and you start to win a few more.
  17. When I was coaching the girls I sat them down at the beginning of the season and had a talk with them. The theme was "no one is throwing grenades or shooting at them, put it into perspective it's a game" I then related a couple real word experiences I have had over the years of deployments and activations, Rescue work turning into recovery during 911, working 2 days straight helping a town full of strangers survive a natural disaster, running a live range where the kids were a few years older than my team, wearing a vest and carrying a loaded M16 in a US city. I relayed some of the serious stuff in an effort to make the kids realize they have it good and they need to appreciate that they have been granted the privilage to step onto a basketball court, and the responsibility they have to give it 110% for all the people who can't. C
  18. cgh


    Here is an interesting thought: Look around the forum and gather up 5-10 passing drills to run, next practice start fresh stretch, do some running then spend the next 90 minutes doing nothing but passing, build their confidence and keep at it until they can pass like pros, then move to dribbling. Make sure they are passing crisply and properly enforce the new rule that no one throws a lob pass ever! Bounce and chest passing confidently and effectively will change the dynamics of the team. 1. Ladder Drill is very effective when done right. 2. Give and Go. 3. Pass only scrimmage. 4. Moving to the pass. Driibling: 1. Blindfold them with a spotter 2. Run laps dribbling, backewards and forwards. 3. Cone work, spinning while dribbling.
  19. I showed up at a elementary tourney a bit ago and to my suprise every team used a 2-3 zone! Good outside shooting will force a good coach to switch up defenses pretty quick usually doing to a man or 2-2-1 thats when I usually attacked the lanes.
  20. cgh

    0-8 X2

    First a high five on all your effort! Parents: I coached at a very involved school still only saw the same parents show up, the rest stopped at the door long enough to drop the kids off, parental involvement will come eventually. Is there a PTA you can attend a few meetings that might stimulate some interest. Keep the communication up and don't peter out after a few weeks, I wrote a short article for the weekly school paper and had a spreadsheet of who got named in the article so no one got missed. Have the parents at games cheer good passing as much as a point scored. I try to keep my softball, basketball and soccer practices to 90 minutes with a detailed practice plan on paper to keep the coach focused it will help the kids focused. What type of drills are you doing? Take a look at some of the older threads in the forum, keep 1 thing in mind going forward....fundimentals! Take a look around at the drifferent dribbling, boxing and passing drills others have used and recomended. 1. Boxing out! 2. Passing (ladder drill.) 3. Dribbling (blindfolded, paint tag) Blindfolded - have them stand blindfolded with a spotter and dribble at whistle kneel at whistle sit, whistle them back to their feet.) Ladder - Mentioned it a few times in other posts too early to retype. Paint tag - have everyone in the paint with a ball if they step out, if another player forces them out or knocks the ball out they sit, last person is the winner. I've included Coach C's rules incase you need them 1. Grades and character are more important than the game, do not let your grades drop. 2. If an athlete must address an official everything starts with Sir, Ma’am, best thing to do is have your coach talk to the official. 3. Your teammates are to be treated with respect and supported on or off the field. 4. I do not care if we are down 20-0 you always give 100% I will accept nothing less. 5. The words “I can’t” are taboo, do not use them or think them. 6. HAVE FUN OUT THERE IT’S A GAME! CGH
  21. Adding to the last comment....stay out of the corners Everyone have a great holiday!
  22. One thing I stress on the 2-3 zone is do not get drawn out of position, I had my team move no more than 2-3 steps out of their position before they go back, the primary strength of the zone is to force the shooter to the outside and force a rushed shot by move fast towards them but not over committing and leaving an open lane. Work PASSING into everything, it's huge and will open up all sorts of opportunities. Ladder Drill: 1. Line everyone up facing each other on each side of the key. 2. Start with one ball passing back and forth up and down the line. 3. As they get faster add another ball, work your way upto 3 balls at the same time. 4. Go back down to 1 ball with a defender in the middle, if the defender gets a hand on the ball he trades with the passer. C
  23. To track stats I had the scorekeeper add a 0 to the scorebook instead of a 1 if they missed a shot, allowed me very quickly determine the shot percentage. Example Jill Smith PG 1100011 / 000011 shows me 2 baskets and 3 bricks (2/5 for 40% completion) in the first period and 1 basket and 4 bricks (1/5 for a 20% comp rate) in the second Free throws would be marked 11 or 0 with a 1 inside it if she only sank 1. Still wondering what kind of defense, one quick fix is to make boxing out on offensive and defensive rebounds mandatory, first few times someone doesn't box out sub them sit them down beside you and tell the athlete that you took them out to explain how important boxing out is, then send them back in quickly, you'll speed up rotation and get their attention C
  24. Take a gander around some of the forums, you'll see lots of advice on drills and offense. 1. Switch to a 2-3 zone to force the other team to the outside. 2. Passing Drills. 4. More Passing Drills. 5. Offense sounds like it should work with some practice, make sure they are passing well around the perimeter and using passing to draw the defenders out of position. 6. Have them turn there backs to you, at whistle send a bounce pass and have them either immediately shoot or go for a layup, if they shoot make sure they follow the shot. 7. Having never coached boys I sometimes see 1 or 2 of them wanting to be Mike and will charge into traffic instead of passing and get stripped. 8. I had my teams run sidestep laps as part of the warm up every practice. 9. Blindfold them and have them dribble in place, once they master that have them kneel at whistle then sit and get up, takes some work but keeps the head up and builds confidence. Chris
  25. Couple questions: What type of offense / defense are you using? How is your dribbling and passing?
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