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    I'm hoping this is the correct forum to ask these questions. I'm a father that has next to zero backround in the baseball field, or any sports for that matter. My two(2) boys, ages 6 and 4 are both playing T-ball this year. This is my 6 year old's third year, and my 4 year old's first. Developmentally, the oldest (I'll refer to him as ZZ) struggles with learning, while the youngest (GZ) deals with things very easily. What has happened, now that they are both playing the game (under the guidance of different coaches) is GZ is being pitched to for three swings before having a Tee placed in front of him. ZZ feels he should be subjected to the same - however, I don't feel he has the proper mechanics of the swing grasped enough to introduce a moving target. I also don't feel GZ should be swinging at a pitched (slow, underhand) ball before he is taught the very basics of setup/grip/weight distribution/swing. I'm confused as to why any coach would jump ahead on the learning curve for the instant gradification of hitting a moving ball.(?) I'm also concerned that GZ is being subjected to incorrect "basic training" that will make my job, as follow-up coach in the evening practices at the house, much harder. Am I thinking correctly, or is there more to this that I'm not seeing? ZZ has had a string of great coaches; 1st year he had fun, learned how to hold a bat, stop and throw a ball in the general direct of an intended target. 2nd year he had a great time, started controlling the swing, actually field a ball (stopping and controlled throwing), and learned how to setup in regards to the tee. This 3rd year, we've worked with the mechanics of the swing (feet placement, bat placement, weight transfer through the swing), mechanics of the throw (hand/arm placement, weight transfer through the throw, target acquisition and accuracy). He has shown a great improvement (forward progress) since last year. I say the coaches have been great, because I too have learned some coaching techniques that seem to work. GZ has been exposed to what his big brother is being taught and shows signs that he has been paying attention. See how things play together? Years of being "taught" one way, now having a new-starting player being taught a completely different way. Any help/suggestions are appreciated.