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    Developing Our Young People

    All Christians struggle with just that. Once you identify yourself publicly, you have greater accountability and of course danger in damaging your witness. I have few illusions any of the kids I coach will play anything more than High School football and that goes for my own kids as well. I view youth sports and coaching as a great opportunnity for reachng lost souls. By my actions as a coach, by our actions as a team that is known for being run by a Christian, we witness passively but positively. I had a guy that worked for the gas company turn on gas for me in town last month, he reffed our championship game in 2005, he knew what we were all about etc. I plant the seed with all the kids, they know where I stand in word and deed ( not perfect by any standard). The kids may respond now, they may respond years from now, but they know the DEal, Christ died for them and they can choose to accept or reject the Grace offered. In most cases none of use will affect anyone as deeply other than our family members than when we coach. I still remember my youth coaches names and what they were about 39 years later. It is a great platform, dont be afraid to be bold, many of the kids you will never see again after the season is over.
  2. Guys, here is my clinic schedule. If you are anywhere near Atlantic City next weekend please stop in. Im also in Baltimore, St Louis, Chicago, Reno, Salt Lake City and Seattle. The Glazier CLinics are free, you just have to call them and preregister as a youth coach for free admission. Hope to see you there, Les Miles BTW is the keynote guy in Atlantic City next weekend and he comes on Saturday Noon, right after my Offensive Line and Single Wing Implentation Presentations: http://www.winningyouthfootball.com/clinics.htm
  3. Did you guys watch the ASU-Texas Game- One oft the Texas staff could have cost them the game: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3445780345265358275
  4. davecisar

    Youth Football Defense Formation

    6-2 Makes more sense. At that age you are going to have a number of weaker players. At that age you probably mahe minimum play requirements. At that age you are scheming to stop the sweep, sweep, sweep, reverse and dive. The 6-2 allows you to shut down the swep with average players, it also allows you to play weak players as "A" gap bearcrawlers. You have nowhere to hide weaker players in a 4-3 defense. http://winningyouthfootball.com
  5. Free Clips of my age 8-10 team from last year, first 4 games or so. We went 11-1 and averaged 40 ppg. Scored 3 TDs in the first quarter of 9 games that season, 13 different kids scored TDs. You can buy the playbook and DVD right here on the Y Coach Site. It is under Winning Youth Football. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-699579089183056593
  6. davecisar

    Youth Flag Football

    I see most of what you flag youth football guys are talking about is about ofense and offensive skill development. We have a flag youth football season in the Spring for our tackle kids. While we have had the highest scoring offense in the league in each of the last 6 seasons. we put our defense in first. In Flag that means getting very good at pulling flags. We use many of our regular tackling drills with flag pulling rather than tackling. We do lots of form work and angle tackling as well as open field tackling. The kids have to get very proficient at pulling flags, getting in the correct pursuit angle and tackling in the open field. Our kids rarely missed anything within arms length and most of our opponents were held to no first half points, while we averaged in the high 30s. Winningyouthfootball.com
  7. davecisar

    Bobby Bowden Message

    I went to two of the Nike COY clinics this year and got to attend some nice sessions. While my preference would be to have been at the SW conclave etc circumstances didnt line up. This isnt in the proper folder, because there wasnt one for it, but I felt very strongly convicted to share what I heard. Bobby Bowden was the keynote speaker today. Along with his usual circuit stories and jokes he spoke from his heart. He was sincere and pained when he spoke. He mentioned all the messed up kids he gets these days, so much different than in the past. He said most of the kids he gets now days are raised my moms, not by men. He said most have never had anyone tell them no. He said they are so lost, even as great athletes and big men on campus they are so lost. They try to fill the void in their lives with many things, alcohol, drugs, sex, power, money, status, relationships but so many of them are miserable because they are trying to fill a void that can only be filled by Christ and Christ alone. He says FCA has been such a huge blessing for his program, so many of his kids have been turned around completely by coming to a relationshio with the Lord. The anger, the guilt, the huge hole gets filled and is just a huge weight lifted from ones shoulders. Once the kids that dont have Christ living in them, come to a saving relationship with Him it is night and day he told us. He also shared what it blessing it was to have the Lord by his side though his ups and downs. He and Tom Osborne both start every coaches meeting with a devotional, we are going to do that this year instead of just our base short prayer. He begged coaches to get FCA involved in their program and turn their programs over to be run by the Book, the good book. HE rightfully told us that many of us that coach in difficult areas that we are in a huge position to influence kids, because they have no male role models, or the few they do have are rap stars or drug dealers. It is a huge responsibility that requires diligence, the kids are watching every move. We have been overt in our program but Im convinced we should be more so and plan on getting FCA deeply involved in our program. Tyrone Willingham had about the same thing to say 3 weeks ago and Tom Osborne has been saying the same thing for years. Seeing those guys speak with such conviction and being so sure and at such Peace was quite inspirational to me. None of those guys mentioned wins they talked about influencing young men for eternity. Thats how I want to coach and be remembered for. Ive never heard any of those 3 use a bad word or say anything negative about anyone, and golly Willingham may have reason to speak otherwise, BTW he takes responsibilty for every loss on his shoulders alone. Im not a ND or Washington fan but golly Im a big Tyrone Willingham fan now, he was a 5'9" 139 lb walk on QB at Michigan State BTW. Got a chance to talk to coach Bowden, for about 2 minutes, what a nice person and Im no big FSU guy either. I pride myself on never getting uptight on the game field just like those guys and never raising my voice there, want to make sure that happens on the practice field as well this year amoung a few other small but important changes. Our program has seen over 400 boys out of maybe 2500 make a decision for Christ, but we really laxed in our efforts last year. We were missing it this last year, it wasnt #1 priority and it showed in several of my Omaha teams. We have a church helping us out with manpower and coaches for the first time as of 1/1/07 and I feel real good about how that all came together today after listening to one of the all time greats. Man is he short, If I get up to 77 Im probebly gonna be like 5 feet tall, I towered over him and Im a very short 5'9" LOL.
  8. davecisar

    Pistol Wing

    This is just another form of Single Wing football that has been around for quite some time and is run at the youth football level quite a bit. It has some great football plays and coaching this stlye of football is fu, http://winningyouthfootball.com
  9. davecisar

    Coaching Your Own Son!

    I coached my own son in youth football and had no problem with it, nor did he. He called me "coach" and I was the line caoch, he played offensive line. I gave him no favors, he played left end on a Youth Single Wing Football team and he did not start, He played but got no favoritism. Winning Youth Football
  10. davecisar

    New At Coaching

    There are many good youth football books, DVDs and youth football coaching clinics you can go to. Spend a lot of time doing that as well as visiting and posting on football forums. The best is to track down trhe very best youth football coach in the area and ask him advice, ask him to be your mentor. The best coaches win yer in an year out, regardless of talent. winningyouthfootball.com
  11. davecisar

    Help Needed

    When you come into a League for the very first time from the the outside and raise ### over a rule, you wont get even a response. Until you have put time and or significant dollars in, the rules wont change. There are 1.00os of parents in each league they dont have the time or inclinatin to listen to one, espcially with an attitude and being brand new, those are facts. There are very few leagues in the states that allow real young big kids to play with kids their own age, for those that do almost all require the player to play on the line wheter he is fat or a freak of nature. By the way my teams pull alot and we put our 2ns to 3rd best player at right guard. There is no shame in playing on the line. You can always start your own team and league if you feel differently. As to your son being big, he is but today we see many much larger. My 8-10 year old team in 2003 had 5 kids above 180 pounds and all but one of them pulled and had good feet. We ended up playng two championship teams from neighboring 11-12 leagues at the end of season, beat em both. This year I am coaching a non select team and I have 2 nine year olds on my line, one is 135 and runs very well, the other is 130 and is not fat, but not quick. Im in Nebraska and many on the internet have seen DVDs of my teams in action, including the one that had 5 kids over 180 ( two were right at 200 with one being 5'9") Im at www.winningyouthfootball.com the DVDs are there. I have also coached very small teams as well, but nowdays there are plenty of big kids out there to contend with I have played against full teams that size or bigger on the line at least.
  12. davecisar

    Offensive Line Blocking

    I would first look at an offense that requires blocking that can be done aby a group that age as well as blocking rules etc. A new drill wont help you much. foot to foot and GOD gap on down has worked really well for me at that age group as well as the Single Wing Offense, snap and go. "sainted Six " plays, FB wege, TB sweep strong, WB reverse weak, BB trap weak, TB power off tackle strong, TB sweep pass ( about 5 yard pass)
  13. davecisar

    Double Wing Wedge

    www.winningyouthfootball.com has an articel onthe wedge implementation under the "resources" button.
  14. davecisar

    Can I Become A Good Football Coach?

    [some of my best Youth coaches never played a down. They were open to teaching from myself and others. I almost prefer them.