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    Fun Practices?

    Hiya! This is my first year coaching. I took the 8-10 year old girls for softball by "request" of an ump in the next division up. He knew who my coaches were and how I/we played and thought I would be a great coach with the littler kids. I just finished my season and it was a 'success' in that all the girls improved. This year was definately one for fundamentals(sp?). I had a first year team with 2 girls that have played before and even they didn't know the basics. The coach they had worked with a few girls and stuck the rest in the outfield. He was one of the parents this year... you don't want to know that whole situation. Anyways... I was wondering if anyone knew any ways to make working on fielding and batting fun for the kids? One of the girls showed me an "uno" game they played and it seemed fun, but I have to work on making it a little more 'useful'. I plan on having practices for the girls who would like it even though the season is over. So... any ideas???