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    Youth Defense

    I've got a good group of athletes, but we are poor on defense. Our tackling needs to improve, for sure, but more than anything else, we need to develope an "attitude". I've got a real quiet group, void of any real leaders (vocal or otherwise). They stay quiet no matter what. No celebration after TD's, and no celebration after our rare good defensive plays. Not a lot of emotion. it's hurting us. We're 2-0, but our run defense has been terrible. Any tips, or help you could offer to get things turned around would be greatly appreciated. We need a "swagger" out there, but it's not happening.
  2. tpbuck

    Coaching The Option

    I've got a very small backfield this year. Not the kind of kids that i can run inside with too often. I'm toying with running the option a bit. I've got a solid QB that runs well. However, i've never coached the option before. I can already see that "the pitch" is going to be the aspect that needs the most work. What are some coaching points when teaching your QB to run the option? (this is at the 5th & 6th grade level)
  3. tpbuck


    Have any of you used a silent count or no count for an entire season? If so, how did it work and what are some of the finer points you have to coach? Has anyone tried it and it didn't work out?
  4. tpbuck

    Planning Practice

    coachbreck, i'd like to see your FB trap play using a wing-t against a 5-2 defense. Our best back will most likely be our FB. Can you e-mail it to me? tpbuck@charter.com What do you use to design/diagram plays? (software)
  5. tpbuck

    Planning Practice

    How many plays do you typically run? How big is your playbook? I consider a play to be two plays (including its mirror play to the opposite side). Our offense and defenses have limitations. More on defense than offense. We all have to run the same variations of the wing-t. Defense is the 5-2 (or the 3-4 depending on if you call the outside guys DE or OLB. They are on the line and generally used as contain, so it's a 5-2). unless you're in goal line, which is the 6-2.
  6. tpbuck

    Planning Practice

    It's not a returning team, but the kids have run the same base offensive and defensive system for 2 or 3 years, so we don't have to start from scratch. Returning players (probably at least 80% of the kids) will be familliar with the hole numbers and back numbers. At this level our offensive playbooks can open up a bit more, which will require a little more of a learning curve on both sides of the ball. As far as getting players into positions, you do have an idea (based on previous performance, a 4 day workout camp, & weight restrictions) of where to slot the kids. I'm getting the idea that, outside of blocking and tackling drills, it's probably best to introduce (re-introduce, in many cases) the holes and possibly a play on the first night. Incidentally, we do start in pads on the first night, but not during the 4 day evaluation camp (shells). I appreciate the drill illustartions. I'd love to see others, if you have them. Also, i'm really interested in your philosophies. What do you want to get accomplished leading up to that first game? How do things change (prep. wise) once the season is underway....etc.
  7. Hi guys. I was excited to find this forum, as i'm a first-time head coach getting ready to start the season. I've assisted a lot previously, but this is my first time stepping up as the head man. One thing i need help with is starting the season. I'm trying to figure out where to start with my team. I obviously want to work on the basics (blocking & tackling) early & often. We don't have a lot of practices before we play our first game (6-8 practices) and i think that planning the early season work is critical. What do i start with? My thoughts: Stance, footwork, & exploding out of your stance, followed by tackling basics. Am i missing/forgetting something? How quickly do you introduce hole numbering & plays? I'd love to hear what some of you do for your first few practices. What do you cover and what drills do you use? Thanks Guys, Thom