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  1. Would it be possible for me to get this coupon?? Click_clack79@yahoo.com -Coach Brett
  2. Wait until you get an x-ray or MRI by a doctor who specalizes in sports medicine to get too freaked out. I had a player that went to the ER with a "severe MCL tear". His knee was swollen and everything but he went to a sports medicine specialist later in the week and all it was was a slight sprain he back on the field 2 days later. but if it is torn i wish you and your son the best. Good Luck -Coach Brett
  3. What i learned during this past year by watching my DC is that he kept putting players in the wrong position that they had no clue as to how to play it or what to do. He put our starting DE in at saftey and told him to "go get the ball". we had them pinned on their own 1 yard line and they ran an "I RT 32 FK FLTR" in my terminology. just a post over the middle and we had no safety since he "went to to ball" one of many big plays given up due to players in the wrong position. my biggest piece of advice is practice the way you will play.
  4. Where can i find this stuff?
  5. X----------T-G-C-G-T----------Z ---------W-------------Y -----------------Q ------------------ -----------------H What do y'all think? this is gonna be my offense for my next season.
  6. First you have to establish the run! Then come out with some playaction, draws to the HB. Make sure you throw some quick passes. I had this same exact problem the past two weeks. hope it helps.
  7. I know there are more guys! come help a fellow coach out.
  8. I am looking for a list of all types of drills for all positions because my kids are getting bored with the ones that we are running right now.
  9. I coach a Jr. Pee-wee team with pop warner, we are 1-4. we have been in all of our games except for the one we played today, 19-0 inthe first 13 minutes of the game. So since we have 0 chance of going to the playoffs or anything i now want to try and and have some fun to get these kids back for next year. So if anyone has any trick plays that they would be willing to share please do! -Coach Brett
  10. I had my first game on sunday and i was coaching while i had my assistant coach and the head coach making sure that the player got their plays. we condentrated mainly on getting their plays in during the 2nd and third quarters. so that way we could start strong and finish strong.
  11. So i have my first game in about 13 hours and I am nervous. I had to find a siutable replacment for my STUD FB and it has not been easy but I have found a few other options when it comes to play calling. I am putting my best WR at the back position we run our 4 wide package and he can strech the defense out and wear them out. he was a finalist at the nationals for the 100 meter dash in his division, he is by far the faster and tallest kid on our team.
  12. I am not teaching my team JR. PEEWEE the 4 point stance until the can learn to get their butts up and backs flat with a majority of their weight on their down-hand. they should know the proper 3 pt. stance first.
  13. my top pick isn't even on the list I truly believe that the #1 thing you need is HEART!!
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