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  1. Thanks guys for the advice. I am leaning more towards developing players at certain positions. I just wasn't sure if this is the right age to start that process. I have some really good athlete's who might be better served as RB's or WR's. I don't have a QB who is great at seeing the field and making a good decision. The one that is better at making decision's doesn't have the greatest arm strength or accuracy. That will definitely need to be something I address if we start doing more passing down the road.
  2. I am going into my 2nd season as a coach and the league is starting a competitive league to go along with the recreational league we played in last season. I will be moving up to 3rd/4th grade. My team did great last season and I had a blast coaching them. I attribute most of what I did to the fantastic advice on this board. Coach Rob and Orange you don't know this but you were instrumental on how I ran my team. We went 7-1 and by the end of the season we beat the team we lost to 36-0. I had some really great talent I highly doubt it was me as the coach. It's a 5v5 league with a 7 yard rush and QB can't run. We had a very disciplined zone defense with some fast agile players. Anyway being as we will be moving up an age division and entering into a competitive league and this being only my 2nd season I had some questions on coaching philosophy. Specifically pertaining to playing time, positions, development of players. At this age each kid has a ton of development to still do, however, for the sake of scoring points and having a fun and trying to win, is it best to settle on 2-3 kids per position and that's what they will play, or should I continue the rotation of positions so each player gets a chance at every position to learn and develop. Again I'm not real sure what my philosophy should be here what is the right/wrong answer? In addition should I switch to calling plays from the sidelines and have the kids run the show in the field or should I continue to show them the play in the huddle on the field?
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