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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have this great resource that I wanted to share with everyone in this forum because I feel that finding and ordering apparel/uniforms/gear for a basketball team is usually a huge pain, and a lot of coaches don't know where to start. Here's the link to where you can download the guide (it's a free resource): http://offers.squadlocker.com/basketball-youth-gear-guide It's has some great best practices for ordering team gear, and highlights the different apparel materials and design aspects to help you buy apparel that will last and be within your team's budget. Hope this helps!
  2. Double Double Stat Keeper 2.0 is now available on the App Store. Record, Track and Analyze stats for your basketball team from your iPad Find news, features and help tutorials on this blog. First 15 people to contact me at zachabc24@yahoo.com can get a promo code to get a FREE copy. Thanks!
  3. Double Double

    Feature Ideas For Ipad Stat App

    I'm working on an iPad app to track and analyze basketball stats. What kind of feature ideas would other coaches like to see besides just the box score? What apps do people currently use and like? Thanks, Zach