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Found 7 results

  1. Im coaching an 11-12 yo team in a league with a 7 yd rush but the QB cannot run and has 8 seconds to throw. I have a smaller team ( most likely the smallest team in the division) but i do have some fast and quick guys. Would it be better to play man or zone? which would hide our lack of size better? This is my 1st time coaching 5 on 5, but have coached 7 on 7 and have generally run zone.
  2. Really good breakdown of some solid 5on5 defensive schemes, strategies and visual guides here: https://www.flagspin.com/strategies/the-best-5-on-5-flag-football-defense-strategy-guide
  3. When it comes to coverage schemes many youth football coaches have very strong opinions. They are and always have been man coverage guys while others think it should be a capital offense if you don't run zone. Or maybe you like to run man free, man underneath a deep zone safety. What's the right answer? Maybe it falls a little into the middle. No matter which approach I take in teaching coverage, I always team man first. Because once the ball is in the air, the defender is going to in essence be in man coverage. Another reason I like man coverage in youth football is many youth coaches will try and overload a team by formation or with shifts and motion. When in man, you are not going to be the victim of formation overloads, shifts or motion. I've never had a problem teaching even my youngest age players the 7-9s to man up correctly on trips, twins, double slot, motion etc. Rapid rep team defensive recognition drills with 11 players in and 11 out every 15 seconds solve for that pretty easily. Man also allows you to match up. Many spread teams think the spread helps them create mismatches. The problem with that is if they have a "dude" I can match my "dude" on his "dude." They can't just have their "dude" run to my weakest zone player and whamp us all day long. Now if the other team has many more "dudes" than you do and the matchups are overwhelming, you have a problem no defensive scheme is going to do very well with. But man allows you to match up where you want. At the youth level MANY youth coaches will split out a weaker player to draw a defender out with him. They have no intention of throwing the ball to that Receiver. Many youth coaches use this approach to get players their required snaps in minimum play rule leagues. Better coached teams simply won't cover these kids and play 11 against your 10. We do this using our "Igor" call. It helped us win a semifinal game in 2013 when the other team lined up in double slot and had a minimum play player to both sides. We played 11 on 9 football most of that day.When you are in man you can do this, zone, you can't, So you are thinking I'm a man guy now right? No, I'm a fan of winning, I bear no allegiance to any ethical approach that is suboptimal to my team winning games. I've played man, zone and both. As most of us know, when we are in man, sometimes it is difficult to play the run well. With eyes on the receivers to give cues to the Defensive Backs and Linebackers, run support is often times not as good as it could be as in zone. In zone the cues are usually first from the Quarterback, run support can be immediate. All eyes are usually downfield or into the backfield at the start. It's simply easier to play run support from zone. In man, well coached teams will often times just run off a Linebacker or Defensive Back. They will take your defenders out of a play without even having to lay a finger on them. We've all seen teams go 5 wide, send everyone deep and then run the QB on a designed delayed run. I do this in my offense with our "Paul" calls, it's a very successful approach against man teams. There are other ways to gain advantages on man teams. We saw that a lot in the Oregon, Ohio State National Championship Game. OSU on the Jet Sweep Powers and Counters with the faked "smoke" screen to the edges which were holding 2 defenders. Man definitely has it's pluses and minuses. Against man, well coached teams will run rubs (slant/arrows), slant/wheels, smoke screen/wheels and shallow crosses to rub off your man defenders. Are those play legal? They rarely get called, so they become an issue. Sure the better coached teams are going to find soft spots in your zone or just flood the zone. But in youth football, those throwing windows and areas are a bit more compressed due to the fact most youth players can't throw the 20 yard out. Spacing isn't as wide, which makes zone a bit more palatable, especially at the younger age groups. In the end it comes down to what you believe in, what you can teach, what you have for players and what you are up against as far as competition. Read up on my "Worst to First" coaching experience in Reno, Nevada this year and see why I went to zone. I lived in Reno 5 days a week and commuted from Nebraska. This team had won something like 6 games in 6 years. Our equation required we play zone. Winning Youth Football
  4. So my son has played flag football for the past couple of seasons and this year I have the privilege , of helping out. I have been put in charge of defense. Every season my son has played they typically play man to man but doing research it looks like everyone is saying zone defense is better. So I tried to do that in our first game and the team we played didn't pass very much and they just seemed to run well against us. My problem is running zone seems to just allow runs up the middle and they make a cut and seem to be gone. What can I do to fix this problem? What kind of defense should I really be running? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. We are a NYS 7 man league(8-10 year old) with no rushing and a 5 second count on the QB. We are in our 8th season and the team has a great record in past seasons. We were anticipated to go undefeated and we just lost to this team who shut down our powerhouse offense by running a 4 front 3 safety zone. We have about 15 plays that can run either right or left with a good mix of pass, pitch and run. The 4 men up front played about 3 yards back and only allowed real short plays. The three floating deep safety's took away our deep game. I am thinking we need crossing routes over the middle or overload plays to compensate when we see them in the tournament, but would love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, This is my first yr coaching 3rd&4th grade flag football. I am the 2nd coach on our team in charge of D. I have plenty of 1st time players on D and one who is particularly slow and doesn’t quite understand the game yet. So my question is where could i put him without hurting our D and what would be the best defense to run with 1st time players. Currently Use: 3-2 2-3 5 Across Diagrams are welcome! Thanks
  7. I am coach for a 7 on 7 league. We have the 7 yard rush line rule in effect. Any number of players can rush. QB cannot run beyond LOS. My biggest issue is I have kids ranging in age from 8 to 12. And only 5 kids have any previous team football experience. And I have 14 kids on team so I have to split things up so everybody plays. The inexperience is my biggest obstacle getting started. Any assistance is appreciated. 2 yrs ago zone worked great with some experienced kids 5 on 5. Last year they just didnt "get it" so I switched to man. Now I dont know which way to go. Some teams primarily pass, others run alot. Ive read some on 2-3-2 but now Im trying to explain zone to a young group of kids again.
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