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Found 1 result

  1. Happy to have found this place. Just reading some of the things on the forums have been very helpful. I'm a NEW coach for my sons K-2nd grade flag football team. I wasn't expecting to be coach, but was handed the reigns at half time during our first game and had to go from there. The team itself got off to a late start, the old coach perhaps wasn't fully focused on leading them, I ended up with a completely lost team and completely lost coach. Because of this I felt I needed to start from scratch, however I may be regretting it, because the ideas I brought into week 2 were pretty ineffective to the team come our second game. So let me ask if you can help me with a few of my problems. 1. Formations. Old coach had them running out of a twins on one side, single wr on the other. No RB, shotgun. He implemented motion to draw the ball carrier nearer. A few problems I had week 1 was that a) the snap from center to QB was often unclean, resulting in dead plays. Quite a few of them. b ) Not everyone understood "motion." c) Nobody really blocked. Blocking is allowed in this league. d) when motion did work, it was quite obvious who was getting the ball. My solution, start from scratch. To eliminate missed snaps, I brought the qb under center. To simplify, I got rid of motion. To get past defenders, instead of blocking I spread the wr somewhat wide to draw defenders. To make it less obvious who was getting the ball, we used a single RB to take hand offs or have the WR come across for a sweep. Problem. The qb being under center did not give him enough time to receive the snap, turn and make the hand off. The rush was too quick getting to the qb before he can get the ball off. The qb could work on his drop backs a bit, but another element to teach in such a short period. The WR runs also take too long to develop. Blocking still an issue, but we are working on it. In the middle of the game this week we scrapped all our plays, and went on the fly, drawing them up in the huddle. We did twins with a single rb. Pulled the WR in tight to lay some blocks on the rushers and also give us a quicker hand off when running to those WR. My question about formations are, is there an ideal formation/plays that keeps it simple, yet leave minimal holes for the defense to sneak by. I also want to know, should I be running out of shotgun and using motion? 2. Defense. Containment is a big issue. we were burned way too much on the outside. One play drives, where they get to the outside and streak up the sideline for a score. Any drills that can help with this? We are running a 2-3. 3. Rotation. We have about 14 kids on the roster. But I've only met 12 of them, the other 2 "threaten" to come on game day which I fear because the last thing I need is to have to teach football on the fly during a in game play. Happened week one, I accepted it since it was week one, but we should be moving past that. Also, even though we have 12 that I have met, only about 8 are regular practice attenders. I would love to have at least 10 that came to practice regularly, that way I can use two squads, rotate the extra couple in when needed. But I don't know who I'm going to get on any saturday, and I feel compelled to favor those that show for practice. I also have only 3 older kids, guys that are picking up on the game much quicker. Should I feel bad that I am playing those 3 and the regulars SIGNIFICANTLY more than the others? 4. Play types. Is deception more effective than blocking? When I have a run should I be sending the WRs on routes to draw defenders or let them put their hands on the defense. When I'm running a pass, should I do the same and just pick one route to throw to? I'm sure there is more. I am just looking for some advice as new coach.