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Found 3 results

  1. I have taken one team to a major tournament only to get crushed by a very different style of play. All quick passes, no running , type attack. Now I am 2 months from playing in my second national tournament. Can someone please post a good play book for 5 on 5 12U tournament play. Just got a sponsorship and now only have 2 months to get ready.
  2. This is my playbook, based on 6 total seasons coaching at the peewee and junior levels. In our league the QB’s not allowed to run (unless you use play #9!) and blitzers start 7 yards from the line of scrimmage so you usually only have 3 seconds to throw. I printed these in color and laminated them back-to-back, was a huge help. Many of these started as plays from Coach Rob and others on this forum, so I'm paying it forward 1 INSIDE HANDOFF/COUNTER- bread and butter play. The quick hit to the TE (#3) works great, especially early in the season. If you have a player they’re keying on, fake to him and spin around and hand to the RB going the other way 2 HANDOFF/SWEEP- Send your WR (#5) really wide. You’ll get a big gap between 3 and 5 for #4 to run through. If they don’t keep a player wide to your left side, fake to 4 and run the end around the other way 3 SWEEP/REVERSE- Honestly, faking the reverse actually works best here 4 INSIDE HANDOFF/REVERSE- Same with this play. Get your #1 and 4 players to head right and create some confusion 5 PITCH/HANDOFF- it’s generally hard to go wide, but this is a great way to get #5 in space. The other WR is out there to keep the pitch from being intercepted. Pretty effective at the younger level 6 HOOK AND LADDER- love this play. You definitely have to practice it though- have specific players for the 2, 5, and 4 spots. #5 especially has to practice catching and handing the ball off quickly, because everybody will collapse on him quickly. 7 SPRINT LEFT/PITCH RIGHT- only works on the peewee level, but if you have a QB who can make a good pitch, #4 has a good chance to score. Put your best player at #3 and watch the defense swarm to him 8 3-WAY THREAT- can hand the ball to 3 different people, but usually just fake to 5 and 4. Worked for a TD in the championship game. The defense was keying on #4 and a player who hadn’t scored all year was at #3 and went the length of the field. 9 GIVE BACK TO QB- Very important play! In our league, QBs aren’t allowed to run, which means nobody wants to be QB, which meant my kids had to be QB most of the time, which meant they didn’t enjoy football so much. So they loved when I called this play, especially in the red zone. In a bunch formation, the QB hands to the RB, who holds it for a split second and then hands it back, then the QB sprints the other way. Stunningly effective, especially at the younger age group. The other coaches will complain after this play, so train your QB that he HAS to let of the ball before taking it back, and TELL THE REFEREE before the game that you have this play 10 GIVE BACK TO CENTER- another important play, because nobody likes to be center either. Have the QB hold his fake for a second, then spin back and hand to the center going the other way. 11 MOTION WIDE/CENTER AROUND- all of the plays from here down are for age 7+. This play is similar to #5 above, but by using motion right before the snap, you can usually get it to #4 with only one defender on that side. Run it once or twice, then fake the pitch and hand it right back to the center going the other way. Great way to get a not-as-good player a big play. 12 MOTION WIDE-PUMP FAKE GO DEEP- This is the other play to run after #11. Have the QB watch the defender marked X. If he comes up on the pump fake to #4, look for #3 or #5 going deep on that side. The center going left is the safety valve. 13 REVERSE/PATCH/PITCH- the reverse alone is a pretty good play, but if you fake the reverse it puts a ton of pressure on the X defender. If he comes up you have 1 and 3 behind him. Remind your QB before the play to read the X defender, and the pitch to 4 is always safe. 14 HB OPTION- tough to pull off, especially if everybody rushes in when the RB gets the pitch, but if he can get it to the QB going the other way it can be a big play. Don’t run near your own end zone. 15 TE HANDOFF-PITCH BACK TO QB- The TE gets the ball quickly, and when the defense collapses on him, pitch back to the QB. I’ve only run this once, can’t vouch for it, but it sets up the next play 16 TE SHIELD RIGHT- The QB and TE have to practice this. It looks like a handoff, but the QB keeps the ball on the TE’s hip and the TE doesn’t take it, he just shields as they go left, then the QB pulls it back and goes deep to 4 or 5. Got us a TD when the other team blitzed 2 players. 17 SWEEP/FLOOD LEFT- most of my pass plays are designed to go right just most QBs are right handed, but this is a good one to the left. Have the QB check the X defender 18 TE FAKE/FLOOD LEFT- again it’s designed to pressure the left corner. The fake handoff to the TE (#5) should let #4 get deep; if not the QB still has 3 short and 5 in the flat 19 SWEEP/REVERSE- put your fastest player at #4. The TE keeping the ball actually works better most of the time 20 QUICK PITCH/BACK TO CENTER- line up quickly and have #4 go really wide. If the QB sees 4 has space, zip it out there; otherwise pump fake and hand back to the center. We ran this twice in a row, and the whole defense went after the pump fake the second time and our center went the length of the field for his first ever touchdown 21 END AROUND/QUICK PASS- honestly I have more plays here than you could probably ever run in a single game, but I would urge you to run trips formation at least once a game, and stick with it if the defense has trouble. We beat the #1 team in our league because we ran the next 2 plays over and over and they couldn’t stop it. The QB has a simple read here- if the X defender stays wide, zip it to #4, but if they man up everybody on the right, hand off to #5. You can also get good yardage handing it back to the center too. 22 QUICK PITCH/END AROUND- again with the QB read. If the defense stays balanced, you should be able to get #5 in space, but the pump fake and handing to 3 or 1 will work if they stay heavy to one side 23 END AROUND PASS- I flipped the formation to make it easier for a right-handed passer. WR#5 can always run if he wants, but tell him to remember the QB going the other way 24 PLAY ACTION FLOOD RIGHT- I like this in those stupid no-running zones. The QB sprinting the outside buys an extra second or 2 against the blitz, the play action will usually hold one defender close to the line. So that’s my playbook. Try the ones you like, and stick with the ones you see work. Go out and make some kids happy! -Coach Eli eli playbook final.doc eli playbook final.pdf
  3. Need a few mis- direction plays for 7 on 7 flag football. QB cannot run past LOS. Any number of rushers on defense when lined up 7 yds off LOS. Im SUPPOSED to be the defensive coach! I cannot afford to purchase programs with a full playbook. Any help and diagrams greatly appreciated.
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