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Found 2 results

  1. Im coaching an 11-12 yo team in a league with a 7 yd rush but the QB cannot run and has 8 seconds to throw. I have a smaller team ( most likely the smallest team in the division) but i do have some fast and quick guys. Would it be better to play man or zone? which would hide our lack of size better? This is my 1st time coaching 5 on 5, but have coached 7 on 7 and have generally run zone.
  2. 4 seasons coaching 5 on 5 youth flag. 2nd straight season returning to the championship game. I am coaching 3rd/4th graders, no QB run and players can blitz if 7yards deep. We have been running a 2/1/2 zone (all staying home). 2 DE's, 1 MLB (5 yards deep) and 2 safeties (7 yards deep) - we don't blitz. We are playing a pass heavy opponent. They love to pitch and pass. They have a hard time passing when pressured. QB's can throw a 20-25yard deep ball on their team. I want to change my defense to 2/3. 2 DE's and 3 safeties. With a couple wrinkles with the safeties: > 1 blitzing up the middle and 2 playing 8-10yards back > 2 blitzing on the L and R and 1 playing center 8-10yards back. > no blitzing, will have DE defend the pitch by crossing the LOS on their side at the time of the pitch. Also, has anyone seen this: (imagine a triangle) - 1 NT 2 LB's (5yards deep) 2 Safeties (8 yards deep) I am asking for any advice to my proposed 2/3: pros, cons, ideas, comments. And I am curious to see if anyone has seen the triangle defense. Thanks!!!!