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Scared Shy Unhappy Players

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soccerqueen    0

I am a first time coach with under 6 girls. Most of our girls are either having a great time cause they're playing well and feel good about their skills or are just good-natured and kicking and running. Two girls started scared, although they both told their parents they wanted to play. One quit after 2 weeks of sitting in her mom's lap at practice and crying. The other is still coming but says she hates soccer, she's hot, she's frustrated the ball goes past her too fast in a game, etc. The girls get stickers at the end of each practice, their team is great and is winning a lot, the parents are active and positive, both coaches are positive. HELP! Do I let this girl quit in the middle of the season? Do I basically force her to participate at practice so she stays involved? She is already forced to stand in the field at games because "Everyone plays" 75% of the time. I try to do paired drills with her myself so she'll have a little fun but that forces me to not work with the other girls, although parents and the asst coach do work with them too.

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hollad6636    0

That's always a tought question, but one that I think needs to be answered by the parents of the little girl.

For my children I try to instill the fact that they have committed to something and need to stick it through. If they don't want to play next year that is fine, but they need to finish the season.

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shtcricket    0

i feel that way too... if you start sumthing its important to finish it and as long as you are trying your best to make the child feel welcome then theres nothing else you can do.

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I have coached T-ball for ages 3-4 for three years, K soccer for 3 years and 7-8 year old for 1 year.

I have had them all. Those who sit and cry, those who freak out on the field for no reason, those that are agressive and hit the opposing team when they steal the ball :)

With the K league, I found it very helpful to have volunteer ass't coaches. That is the kids themselves. And I start with the shy/crying kids.

So rather than just being told what to do and how to do it, they are explaining what to do and how to do it. It gives them a little more control over their situation.

So for a game similar to red rover...I have my shy child call out who should dribble the ball from one line to the next while I try to cath them.

good luck. I found the crying children harder to deal with than the agressive :)

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