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Brian Grasso Teleseminar October 9th

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I just spoke with youth conditioning specialist Brian Grasso and he has agreed to do something really special!

And it's just for you - my special Members!

For the first-time ever, Brian Grasso is opening up and sharing his most closely guarded secrets to training young athletes. If you haven’t heard of Brian Grasso, pay attention – he is a world class coach!

Not only has he trained literally THOUSANDS of young athletes himself, he’s known in our circles as the ‘trainer of Trainers’. Brian has been presenting cutting-edge and practical seminars to Parents, Coaches and Trainers all over the world for the past several years…

… Including Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand!

In 2008, he’s already tentatively scheduled to speak in Canada, England, New Zealand, South Africa and India. Given that travel schedule, it is VERY SELDOM that he is able to share his knowledge and expertise with people like you and me… so be sure to mark this date and event into your calendar.

This coming Tuesday, October 9 at 8:00 P.M. EST

Brian Grasso is holding a “by invitation only,” Teleseminar in which he will expose his entire System – the exact system he's uses to train young athletes and prepare them for dominating performances and elite levels.

One of the coolest parts of this amazing event, is that you will have a chance to ask Brian a question…

any question you want related to training young athletes, developing speed, strength or athletic ability.

More on that in a second…

Brian has agreed to allow me to offer an exclusive invitation to you - And here's the best part...

You can attend his teleseminar absolutely FREE!

Here’s the problem - SPACE IS LIMITED!

There are ONLY so many conference lines available for this private, members only, exciting event.

Like I said, admission to the call is FREE. But you do have to register for a spot. Reserved seating is available for my Members (that's YOU!) on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want the rare opportunity to discover the steps Brian has taken from being a college student, personal trainer to the most respected

authority for youth strength and conditioning in the world... register right now at:


To show you how truly amazing this opportunity is, you should know that Brian charges hundreds of dollars for an hour of his time, and this is an incredibly rare occasion to have him handing out his program and expertise for free!

If you register in time to grab one of the VIP spots, you'll get the entire 60+ minute live call absolutely FREE!

You may be wondering, why would someone like Brian Grasso offer an hour of his time, reveal his closely-guarded secrets, and answer my questions for FREE?!?

Brian told me that he is celebrating the launch of his new website and his brand new training package, Complete Athlete Development. This program is basically Brian’s life work in a comprehensive, systematic, practical training curriculum.

This is an internationally field-tested and proven system, complete with How-To instructions in areas like program design, speed and movement development, and training progressions.

This teleseminar is going to be awesome!


Trust me, you don't want to miss out!

P.S. By the way, Brian will be making a very special announcement about his new training system on our call. You'll be blown away when you hear it!

Register now at:



Schann Holladay


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