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The 4 Sports All Kids Must Play

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The creation of a world-class athlete is NOT based on playing only one sport.

Specializing in soccer, baseball or basketball from the time you can walk will not mean that you become an elite competitor or be able to earn a college scholarship.

In fact, it means the exact opposite.

More than most people realize, playing only one sport and concentrating on becoming proficient in all the aspects of that sport from a young age will actually DECREASE the chance of a young athlete becoming elite.

Becoming an elite athlete is about having SPORTING INTELLIGENCE.


It's about experiencing different kinds of sports and learning different kinds of skills.

And it has nothing, NOTHING to do with specialization.

In fact, early sport specialization is the single greatest mistake that Parents, Coaches and Trainers make when trying to produce world-class athletes.

Do you want to know EXACTLY which sports ALL kids should play?

Do you want to find out what coaching strategies MUST be present in order for your young athlete to become great?

Do you want to know which training programs HAVE to be part of a young athletes development?

Then head over to my blog right now and read this very important message.

The success of your young athlete depends on it...


And always, Schann, leave a comment to let me know what you think!

'Till next time,


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