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Drills For Large Group

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Not sure if anyone still uses this forum or not, but I am looking for drills to get my girls moving. Drills like the butterfly where I toss or hit at them while they pass to the target does not keep them focus. Having problems with talking with each other. I have been doing a lot of partner drills. But I really need to do drills passing to the target. They are all beginners ranging from 10 to 12. Some are a little lazy too. I saw some neat drills on here but only have a few girls on there at a time. Any suggestions.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that there is much going on here. Anyway........

My experience with younger players is that you have to wrap the "drills" inside lots of "fun stuff".

Personally, I think that the butterfly drill, with all its variations is the best drill you can use regularly. I would recommend that you let your players do all the parts of the drill as soon as they are even marginally proficient at serving, passing serve, setting and hitting. With my beginners (at whatever age) I use a demo-try-apply sequence for each skill that you might find helpful. If you have a player who can demonstrate a skill fairly well, let them do it. It always helps to see that someone your own age can do the skill. If you don't have anyone who can do it properly, then you demo and explain it - as quickly and with as few words as possible. Then, in pairs without a net, let them do the skill, see what they need to improve (or not) and make adjustments. After they are somewhat proficient, add the net. Once they can do it reasonably close to correctly, maybe 3 out of 5 times, go back to the butterfly and let them concentrate on just that one skill, while doing the whole thing.

For "fun stuff", I would use any "game" that helps them move to the ball. My younger players really like to play Under the net croquet" or "Trap it". Both of these games are helpful in getting players to move to the ball then stopping, playing the ball inside their bodies, and staying low. You can use your own imagination for variations, but essentially, one team rolls/bounces/throws a ball under the net to the other team, who's object is to (in net croquet) to move to the ball so that the ball rolls between their legs. If they do, they get a point. They then roll/bounce/throw the ball back and try to get it past the other team without them being able to get in position to have the ball roll between their legs. For "trap it", instead of having the ball roll between their legs, they must catch the ball between their feet. (that's the "get low" part)

If you are not already using it, Bounce-bump can be fun and gives your players more time (and therefore more successes) to move to the ball and pass it. You can use it for either or both forearm and overhead passing. Just let the ball bounce once before it is passed.

Well, I'm sure there are a lot of other (and probably better) beginning drills and games out there. I hope you hear from more folks.

Let us know how it goes.


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not to bring up a dead topic....but for future searchers....

These are fun but focusing drills that also help incorporate a little competitiveness and a lot of Team spirit.

Serving Skills


Drill 1:

Serving Relay

Divide the group into even teams (if one team is short a player, 1 player has to repeat task. Repeat for all teams as necessary)

Each team uses one ball and at the same time each team member serves the ball over the net.

- If they make it over, they must RUN(its a race after all) and retrieve their ball, and then HAND it to the next player/Teammate in line.

- If the ball is served into the net or out of bounds, the ball must be retrieved and reserved.

- Once done, the completed players take a knee and cheer on their team mates (also while standing in line waiting for their serve turn)

In my club, winning team gets water break and losing team gets a suicide, then water break

Passing Skills


Drill 2:

Queen of the court

Divide group into teams of 3 players. 2 teams take the court. its a game of 3 on 3.

-The Coach takes a ball and starts play on 1 side of the net.

-All other teams line up on one side of the court behind the serving line waiting their turn. (Attention and focus is need)

-3 player teams rally until point is earned. Team winning side point stays, losing team is off.

-If losing team is on opposite side of team waiting area, winning team must hustle to open court side and new team can take

court side closest to waiting area.

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