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Successfully training young athletes isn't only about the exercises you pick and how you use them. It's about understanding how to communicate and coach. This oversight is the #1 reason that most young athletes never become the elite sporting stars that everyone thinks they're going to. Be sure to pay close attention to that video clip below. In it, I outline 2 of the 4 basic coaching styles you MUST use depending on what kind of athlete you have in front of you.

I hope you also noticed that my groundbreaking 'Complete Athlete Development System' is now available for a MASSIVE discount. Order right now and save a whopping 25%!

Here's that video clip:


You know, it seems that all anyone wants to have are sample programs.

What should I do for this athlete?

How should I train this team?

And those are great questions that I will be answering over the next couple of days for you, but the fact remains that COACHING and knowing how to COMMUNICATE SUCCESS is the #1 factor in building the complete athlete. That's why I'm starting with it.

Let's get going by having you answer this question -

Do cookie-cutter approaches ever work?

I mean, when you go to the bank, doctor or pharmacy, you DEMAND and EXPECT to be treated like an individual, don't you? You require the person in front of you to listen to your concerns and respond with appropriate feedback that reflects your needs. What good would it do you if the bank teller withdrew $100 from your savings account if you were trying to make a deposit? Or if the doctor wanted to measure your cholesterol levels, even though you came in because of a sore throat?

How would that make you feel?

Annoyed? Frustrated?

Would you go back to the doctor a second time after being treated like that? The same thing applies to training young athletes and knowing how to get the best out of them during each and every training session or game. You have to understand what they NEED from you.

And if you miss Step 1, than the rest of the 7-Step Plan just doesn't matter.

Look at it from this perspective. The young athlete you are training or coaching is shy and reserved. They are not terribly talented and feel very insecure about their abilities. Do you really think that being loud and forceful when you're talking to them will work? Do you honestly believe that by pressuring them and giving them expectations for performance is going to 'make' them succeed?

Let me answer the questions for you...


Here's the core secret of Step 1:


That's right. If you want to get the best out of each of your athletes, you need to understand what motivates them to succeed. Guess what that shy, quiet and reserved kid hears when you start yelling and placing expectations on him to perform...

"Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"

Seriously! It just goes in one ear and out the other. And it never stops amazing me how many Coaches and Trainers out there spend all their time yelling, screaming and pressuring young athletes to perform. A 'one-size-fits-all' approach to coaching just doesn't work. You want the best out of your athletes? You want each training session and game to be their very best? Then you NEED to understand how different young athletes respond to different coaching styles.

Here's a basic example of the Coaching Template I teach you in Complete Athlete Development.

4-Styles of Athletes -

1) High Motivation/High Skill

These athletes are great at everything and eager to work hard.

2) Low Motivation/High Skill

These athletes are very talented, but have lost their desire to succeed... and it's up to you to re-instill that.

3) High Motivation/Low Skill

These athletes love to work hard, but have very limited talent. How do you get the best out of them and help them become better and better?

4) Low Motivation/Low Skill

These athletes are less talented than everyone else and don't seem to have the desire to get any better. What do you do?

Four very unique categories. With four separate and very unique coaching strategies.

The answer, by the way, to how you coach each of these athletes is:

1) Delegate

2) Inspire

3) Guide

4) Direct

These coaching strategies have proven to work for me in several different countries and with over 10,000 young athletes. Miss Step 1, Schann and you can literally kiss everything else goodbye.

It all starts with making sure your young athletes aren't hearing, "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah". Re-watch that short video clip and see how I coach each of those young athletes differently. It will make all the difference in the world to the success of your athletes and teams.

Here's that link again -


The footage on that clip is from a 60 minute DVD contained in my Complete Athlete Development package. It shows you everything you need to know about Step 1 to Building the Complete Athlete. And if you aren't convinced that learning the exact methods for how to motivate any young athlete in any sport is the important part of Building the Complete Athlete, then this next paragraph is for you.

Pat Rigsby is known as one of the most decorated Trainers anywhere in the world. He has been the Head Coach of a College baseball team, the Head Strength

Coach to numerous collegiate athletes and trained hundreds upon hundreds of young athletes all over the United States. He is widely considered 'the man' when it comes to training athletes. Here's what Pat had to say about the 'Coaching Cues for Max Performance' portion of my Complete Athlete Development system:

"If you think like I used to, you likely believe that the 'training' portion of your program is the most important part of working with young athletes.

I was wrong and so are you.

Brian showed me exactly how to motivate my athletes in a way that changed everything about the way they trained and performed. The results I have seen since instituting Brian's 'Coaching Cues for Max Performance' has been literally breathtaking. I just can't get over how these simple coaching tips have led to so much positive change!!"

Still think that the latest 'speed training drill' or strength training technique' is all it takes?

And don't forget, Complete Athlete Development is now available for a FULL 25% DISCOUNT.

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'Till next time,


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