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Novice Coach & Volleyball Videos

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If you were a novice volleyball coach. And you could select just two volleyball instructional videos which ones would they be?

Thanks for your help, because I am that novice volleyball coach. But one that wants to do the very best job that I possibly can.

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Not knowing anything about your background in sports, what type of team you are coaching, or what their needs are, I only feel confident in recommending one video: "Surviving Practices: Creating a Winning Practice Environment Through Gender Understanding" by Kathleen DeBoer. I had coached boys and girls volleyball for over 25 years ( and rather successfully ) before I watched her video and read her book, and they changed my whole approach to coaching - for the better. It will make your job easier, and the kids - boys or girls (or both) happier - and better - players for you.

I am very interested to see what other selections are suggested.


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